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Hi Coly,
i am with you 100% with the F-250 SuperCab. We haul our vintage 8ft Popup on it.
The Camper is between 1800-1850 lbs wet, Frehs water tank and Potti full, 120 Ah AGM and ready to go. I only sits on the truck and doesn´t affect him and all. No remarkable sag
( OK, 1/2″ ) not to feel the campers weight while driving down our winding bavarian roads. No nodding and rocking! And i have only 1/2″ of headroom between cab and cabover. See pics in the GalleryThread.

One problem was the GVWR of the 7.3 of 8800 lbs that leaves only a payload of 1650 lbs which has to include the camper ,all the stuff and my best of all wives. But i was able to raise the GVWR to 10150 lbs because of the higher max weights of the axles. With our tech control department ( TÜV in Germany ) my dealership made this possible without any suspension upgrades.

2000 F-250 SuperDuty SC Lariat Longbed 7.3 ltr. 4x4
1992 Jayco-Sportster 8ft Popup - rebuilt 2014/2015

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