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Hi David,

You RV repairman seems to be far back in the beginning of home-compressor-fridges 😉

One more comment on the Danfoss-Compressors, now SECOP. SECOP is owned by a Chinese competitor since years. But i will NOT say that they produce crap….

In Europe we love the australian-made ENGEL-Fridges:

They have some great advantages especially for campers:
– they are really quiet. The computer-fan behind the 3-way-fridge is louder than this thing! My wife loves it. We installed this one in our old Jayco:

– They are really plug and play! No thick cables needed. The Engel-Compressor doesn´t need this much power to start like a Danfoss. I needed around 10 ft of AWG 15 following the ENGEL-Instructions. My old Dometoc with Danfoss BD-35F would not START with cables smaller than AWG 7 or 8. If you have to wire such cables through your camper you will need big holes in your cabinets, big connectors and paying todays prices on copper wiring you can afford the higher price of the fridge by the savings of the wiring.

– the AMP drag is very competetive….
– there is no brand outdoor proven like these fridges !


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