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David, I installed my Domectic CR1110 compressor refrigerator in 2013. They are very stout units that have proven themselves to be very reliable even in some of the most ruff area that a TC can get into. Most of these refrigerators use the same Danfoss compressor regardless of the brand. These are some of the trail I’ve been on with this refrigerator..White Rim Trail,Canyonlands Utah, South draw Trail out of Capitol Reef NP, Death Valley’s Lippcott Jeep Trail, Cotton Canyon Valley trail, Burr’s Trail and over 16,5000 mile on our 2015 summer journey.

I’ve never regretted switching to a compressor refrigerator and it’s sure is nice to reach in your cold refrigerator when it’s over a hundred outside and pull out that cold drink. Read up on some of the blogs on who did the switch and what they had to do when going to a compressor refrigerator.