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Thanks for reply.

Legal meaning cargo/payload and GVWR actual weights do not exceed the ratings for the vehicle ratings which may or may not be what the door sticker shows.

Legal meaning so I can safely drive the thing (I am not talking about safely drive as in correct speed limits, proper turning, tire pressure! – Have driven 18 wheelers HAZMAT for 20 years).

Legal meaning so I can not be held negligent for exceeding the limits. I am not talking about 100 lbs over but with the Consumer Info sheet limit I would be 800 or more over cargo weight with the TC on and loaded weight!

I had done lots of research and calculation and weighing of items before purchasing truck knowing that I planned on a Laredo SC and knowing that its dry weight plus camping load came well within the trucks capacity, until I saw this crazy Consumer (maybe DIS)Information.

Several people have already said the Consumer sheet shows what max the TC can weigh. But that is incorrect.

The sheet states
Mfr Camper Weight +
Addl Camper Equip (solar panel, propane bottles, etc) +
Camper Cargo (food, water, clothing……..) +


The TOTAL CARGO LOAD should not exceed the CARGO WEIGHT RATING (CWR) , and the CWR is what the Consumer Sheet shows as way under sticker rating.

I’ve read on other forums about this now and folks with exact same situation of picking up new truck only to find this absurd paper which makes people feel got screwed with their purchase. This has gone on for years apparently and there is no will from the 3 truck manufacturers and their dealers, RV dealers or NHTSA to correct/explain the sheet and why it deviates immensely from the manufacturers label.