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Thanks Mike, I really like the form, fit, and finish of this camper too. Small water tanks are unfortunate, but I understand the necessity of this trade off. And this is something I can live with…

I will be driving to and from Puerto Vallarta/Seattle each year, boon docking most of the time along the way. We’ll Only be sleeping in the camper while on the road between our southern and northern homes. Weight and durability are my biggest concerns. Some years I will be towing a small cargo/car trailer too. (This is one reason that weight is important to me).

2016 Ram 3500 CTD, 4X4, SB, CREW CAB.
Airlift 5000 airbags W/wireless onboard air system.
Will be selling: 2004 Komfort 24' TT
Will be buying a new TC. (Brand/type TBD)