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Alright. I just returned from a trip from Vancouver B.C. to the Sequoias National park in California and up the West coast. The solar system did an awesome job of keeping up with all of our power needs. I did end up adding the portable panel to the mix and one day in particular it came into use quite well. With the daytime temps over 100 degrees we were able to park in the shade and have the panel in the sun. With the ability to charge easily we were using using fans at night quite a bit to stay cooler and other power options that we would have not used before solar. All with no fear of recharging the next day. It was so much easier than always being on edge every time something is switched on.
Parked in the shade:

Portable flexible panel in the sun:

All I used to run to the portable panel was a 50’electrical extension cord tied into the controller in the camper. I have a pigtail with a plug hard wired into the controller that I simply plug the cord into. I figured this extension cord serves two purposes this way. When at an electrical site (rare) it can be used if the panel is far away but when at a non hook up location used for my portable solar needs. Just as this above picture was taken I was getting 5.2 amps of charging. Gotta love that with an old extension cord.

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