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Don Nelson

When I traded in the old TJ on a RAM 3500, the M8000 winch stayed with me.

Years ago I did a lot of club 4-wheeling in SoCal. Everyone had the M8000 – except me. My Samurai was a hopeless wincher, but a fine winchee.

When I did get around to a “real” Jeep, the first accessory was an M8000. (The second and last was Duratrac tires.) That winch pulled several big trucks out of iced over creek fords, though tire chains on the Jeep, and strapping it to trees were sometimes required. And even though I retired up here to the frozen north and had no intention of actually getting stuck, it got used for self-recovery twice. Yep, right through that same ice.

So, will the M8000 work on the one-ton? For me, yes. I carry snatch blocks and straps and cables and logging chains and am pretty sure I can rig up whatever’s necessary to get unstuck with it. I’d rather have a 1200 or bigger winch, but the Warn M8000 is it until it breaks or something. Like that’s gonna happen.