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I have a 2016 1 ton SRW Silverado 4×4 diesel. The book says it can handle 4,000 lbs cargo, BUT there is a sticker in the glove box that says 2,900 is the max weight for a slide in camper. I am not sure how they come up with those figures??? I do know the S&S camper weighed more than that and I was pulling a trailer with no problems at all. I have a stock suspension…….actually stock everything.

The book is probably missing a few options you have taking away payload. But the big one is they assume there will be someone sitting in every seat at an average of 150lbs each. Only way to know your real payload is to weigh your truck when it is set up ready to load your camper. That number is your real payload limit, if you want to stay within the specs of your truck that is.

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