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I have a 2016 1 ton SRW Silverado 4×4 diesel. The book says it can handle 4,000 lbs cargo, BUT there is a sticker in the glove box that says 2,900 is the max weight for a slide in camper. I am not sure how they come up with those figures??? I do know the S&S camper weighed more than that and I was pulling a trailer with no problems at all. I have a stock suspension…….actually stock everything.

I am not a Chevy guy……like Ford. What sold me on this truck is it came with a lifetime power train warranty, unlimited mileage. Always been afraid I would spend lots of money on a nice truck and would have expensive problems with it down the road. I did see used vehicles in their lot with the lifetime warranty. That might be something to look into when buying your rig.

I agree with the others……buy a 1 ton if you can afford it.

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