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They don’ plow the attractions out in the winter and many of the lodges are closed. Weren’t able to stop at the memorial near Burwash.

We were alone most of the trip……which I like!!! We had 10 gallons of extra diesel that we never used either way. Did use some diesel additive to keep the fuel from gelling when it got cold. Had a Mr. Heater with it’s own 20 lbs tank. Didn’t do anything else to the camper, pickup or trailer.

The temp hovered around freezing once in Canada. Didn’t hit any cold till Tok. Woke up to zero and it got down to 10 below going across the Tok Cutoff. Had the furnace on full, but you could see your breath in the camper. Stopped in Glennallen and ran the Mr. heater and furnace to warm things up. The water pump froze, but it didn’t hurt it. Put the rig in a warm shop for a few days before winterizing. I did notice the outside shower faucet leaked when you turn it on, but that’s the only damage.

We bought the trailer in Phoenix and hauled up my wifes ’67 Mustang, some truck parts and our sign/tee shirt biz. We have a place in AZ and over the lat 10 years we have been getting too much “crap”. Time to bring some of it home.

I sold the camper and the trailer is for sale. I will pick up another camper in WA or OR when I go down this fall. I can usually make enough to pay for the trip by selling it and other stuff here in Alaska in the spring.

If you come in late summer be sure and catch the state fair. Most tourists miss it. The giant vegetables are pretty cool if you have never seen them.

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If you make it to Alaska, look us up. Got a RV spot with full hookups we let folks use.

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