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Michael Harris

The strainer was frozen and cracked. Replacing that fixed it to an extent. It still cycled about every hour for 1 second. I applied city water to the pump and saw a very small trickle of water come out of the inlet on the tank side. That told me the bypass valve was blown. I took the pump apart and saw the o-ring for the bypass valve protruding into the pump. A new pump head and it now works perfectly. I learned a lot doing myself and was able to see all of my plumbing while checking for leaks. Checking for water leaks first is the best thing to do because of the potential damage. When I saw no water leaks on the faucet and sink side I realized it was from the pump to the tank. It’s actually harder to find that leak because it can be an air draw into the system. Luckily there is only a few joints, valves, fittings, tank, and pump to check. Strainer is the best first choice. Mine had turned white from freezing and cracking. My lesson in all of this? Take it somewhere else for winterizing or do it myself. Thank you guys for all the help!