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I guess I’m that next in line to say my 2001 Dodge HO-CTD is the best vehicle I have ever owned, (of the 44 vehicles I’ve owned) but I’m actually not moniker specific. Almost all of that is the legendary performance of the Cummins lashed to the stoutest, trouble free drivetrain available at the time. A good deal is a good deal, whatever the brand. Your problem is used diesel trucks depreciate VERY slowly, and most owners think they own a gold mine. That means you will look for a long time to find anything you can afford (whatever that is) that is not clapped. My neighbor Jim bought a truck similar to mine with 278K miles on it for $7000. Recently he turned 300K miles and the thing runs and looks great with no woes. Unfortunately, the best buy on a diesel is new from a discount dealer. Do not be afraid of high mileage trucks just because of high mileage. Be afraid of poorly maintained trucks with high mileage. So, that means you need to know what you are looking at. Very occasionally you might run into a great deal that is too good to pass up. Just be careful. If you do not plan on putting extreme miles on said truck, consider a gasser. The breakeven point on a diesel vs. a gasser is somewhere between 150K miles and 250K miles. Be prepared to travel some to inspect a good buy.

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