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Michael Harris

Thanks! I do live a very cold climate sometimes but I use antifreeze to winterize my camer. I pay an RV place to do it. I’ve removed every access panel and checked every line and faucet. Didn’t find a drop of water. I did have a few drops under the anode so I tightened it but it still cycles on. It’s a 2016 Adventurer 80rb so it’s a pretty simple system. I do know there is a way to make a dummy line with an off valve so you can disconnect the cabin side line and use the dummy to isolate the pump. I’m in a small town so I don’t think I can fine the parts to make the blind dummy line. I think all that is left is the strainer and the pump diaphragm. Does the strainer just unscrew? It looks like the canister type that I wouldn’t have to take off line. I think I’m down to a pump problem?