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OK. I have a question. I was playing with the camper today and the new solar system and discovered a possible issue. No matter where I move the panel or what I cover the panel with the controller never reads below .4 amps. Is this normal? I would figure that if I covered the panel it should read 0 amps on the controller. With the sun on the panel it seems to operate normally. Amps are jumping around a little (between 3 to 5+) which I think is normal but when its covered, it goes down to .4 amps and doesn’t move.
Yesterday I was surprised that under my Rv storage roof it was still reading positive amps but now I’m wondering if that was part of this issue.

2008 2500hd Silverado Duramax
2011 Northern Lite 8.5 lite
2006 Wildcat 27bhwb fifth wheel
2009 Lance 830 (sold)