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The supplies for my solar install arrived a short while ago and today I had the chance to do most of the install. I used the vent from the grey tank (wires running right beside the pipe) to run the wires from the panel on the roof to the cabinet where the sink is. The battery compartment is in this cabinet so the wire lengths were quite short. For now I mounted the controller out of sight in this cabinet until I decide if I need it visible. I have a trimetric battery monitor so I can see whats happening with the batteries already.
I got a high of 5.2 amps at one point but settled in around 3 to 4 amps as there was some haze high up in the sky. I really think I’m going to love this setup as I am kind of OCD about power conservation and always aware of what kind of amps I’m drawing form the batteries. It will be so nice to have the battery mostly full or full right up until late in the day when the sun goes down.

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