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Quentin I just use the standard screw jack that came with the truck. I have a flexible extension to lower the spare that I got off of ebay.
My tires had only 38K on them and they where the factory Firestone’s.
The Firestone’s where 10 ply rated tires with only 2 ply sidewalls. My 2 punctures came from descending and using the brakes. With the weight of the truck and camper as well as the weight of the Jeep pushing I believe this is what caused it.
The new set is actually 10 ply and with a 3 ply sidewall.
Like Freespool said ” Tires, battery’s, beer and coffee are not the place to save money”
My father taught me a great rule to live by. Replace your tires every 5 years regardless of the miles on them. Rubber dry rots and weakens them if you are putting heavy weights on them and high speeds you are looking at a blowout.
Freespool “I spent the night behind a choke and puke. Sleeping with 1 eye open until 4:30 was not my idea of a vacation.” Been there have the T-Shirt!