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Quentin don’t worry there are a couple members here that have had a blowout on the road or trail. I can tell you from my experience I will always carry 2 spares when I boondock.
Last May my wife and I decided to take a trip to Snow Lake here in NM.
Snow Lake has 4 routes you can take ranging from you don’t want to drive the truck with the camper on to graded dirt roads with sharp rocks protruding from it.
I decided to go in from Winston NM on the outer edge of the Gila National Forest. This is the fastest route 2.5 hours and only 30 minutes of paved road. Not to mention the 2 hours to get to Winston. 5 miles in I had a tire whistling and my TPMS was flashing telling me my right front tire was at 45 lbs and dropping fast.
OK the spare is on and now with no spare and another 2 ours to go I was worried and my wife was terrified. I calmed her by telling her I had some large tire plugs and when we get to camp I would plug the hole so we can have a good spare.
In camp and after further examination the tire will not hold air after 5 plugs had been inserted.
Oh well time to open a beer and ponder what I will do if I have another flat on the way out. We where going out through Mogollon NM. This road was actually worse than the road going in as it was narrower, climbed and descended very steep and I was flat towing, my wife was terrified. Well after driving very slow and cautiously about .5 miles from a paved road my TPMS started flashing again and yes another flat on the left front.
Sorry I did not have a picture as it was a Sunday morning and I needed to disconnect the Jeep throw the tires and wheels on top of it and fine someone open that could sell me 4 new tires but first I had to get the two tire found and installed on the wheels. I had 2 choices drive south to Silver City or north to Reserve. I chose Silver and started on my 1.5 hour journey to get tires not happy I was going to drive 3 hours round trip for 2 tires and then drive back to get the matching 2 on the truck.
Well as luck happens the small town of Cliff NM has a Gas station on the south side of town with a market and lucky me a tire shop that was open kind of.
I asked the proprietor an elderly gentleman and his wife if they had the size tires I needed in 10 ply. He said it was my lucky day and quoted me a price for all 4. WOW his price was better than anyplace I knew and ask if he could get the first two mounted and I will return in an hour as Cliff NM was only about 30 minutes south of Mogollon.
After receiving the tires I raced back and changed both tires and returned to Cliff for the next 2. This was one of my most expensive but one of my favorite trips yet.