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I no doubt will look at everything big. The main three will be the 1172 Lance, 1165 EC and the Host Everest. The Host is the main reason for the trip. I have seen the Mammoth recently in Ventura and although it would work well for my needs I noticed a couple things that I did not approve of. The quality will ultimately determine which way I go. My only other real choice is the Northstar 12’STC.

Since I will be in your neck of the woods, why don’t the two two of you stop by for a bar-b-que or we can go out. I will be shopping at Tom’s on 4-14 and returning to the local KOA by 3 or 4. I have reserved one of there fancy spots that have patio furniture and a grill/sink island. The wife and I will be happy to provide a great meal if your interested. Let me know.