For Sale: 2014 Outfitter Apex 8 Pop-Up Truck Camper ($25,000)

I am selling my 2014 Outfitter Manufacturing Apex 8 pop-up truck camper for $25,000. The pickup truck is not included in the sale. I ordered and optioned this camper new from the manufacturer. I picked it up in February of 2015. I have paperwork and manuals from the beginning. I have kept a log of work performed and the trips taken.

The Roof Itself: It raises and lowers via an electric motor (using the Bluetooth remote). Roof down for travel, and up in two minutes for camping. Should the blue tooth ability need to be bypassed (remote needs two AA batteries to function) a patch cord can be used to connect the remote directly to the control box.

On The Roof: Two solar panels reside there. There are also two roof vents (one passive and one with a bi-directional fan). In addition, two tracks run N/S which, I was told, will receive cross-bars from Yakima or Thule; providing various mounting options. At the time of purchase, I was told that the roof raising system could handle up to 400 pounds of additional weight beyond the weight of the roof. I have never carried any additional weight on the roof to confirm this.

Also on the roof is the Coleman Mach AC unit. (One would probably have to subtract the weight of the AC unit from the “additional” lifting capacity, as the AC was an optional upgrade.) To the AC unit I added an “Easy Start” capacitor to assist my 2,000 watt generator in the start up of the AC unit. (Generator is not included in the sale.) This system works great. In addition, the AC unit was upgraded with a 1,500 watt “heat strip” within. This provides the option of electric heat if connected to shore power or if one might need to conserve some propane until a refill is convenient. A digital thermostat controls the heating/cooling duties.

Once The Roof Is Up: The insulated blue-fabric walls provide an additional 10 windows. All 10 of theses windows have insulated black-out coverings. Fold down these black-out coverings and you have an incredibly bright interior. For eight of these windows the clear vinyl portion opens, leaving a screen mesh which allows for impressive ventilation while keeping the bugs out.

What’s Outside: First, we have the camper jacks. They, too, are electrically operated (using the same blue-tooth remote). The power wires for all four jacks can be disconnected and the jacks removed. Or the jacks “flipped up” if you might temporarily need the extra clearance to get to that particularly perfect camp spot! The mirrors (extended) on my truck (2002 Ford F-250) stick out farther than the camper’s jacks; this gives me a bit of pre-warning if I am getting close to one or both sides.

On The Driver’s Side: We have access to the 6 gallon propane water heater and the 30 pound propane tank. Directly below the propane tank there is a shower station. At the rear, and down low, a storage compartment. This storage compartment is perfectly sized for my Honda EU-2000 generator. It also holds a 20 foot hard-wired shore-line (30 amp male), two synthetic blocks I put under the generator to keep it out of the dirt, and the receiver-box for the remote controlled jacks and roof. Immediately to the front of this cabinet, and under the “wing” of the camper is the plug-in for a solar ground panel. Below this cabinet is the sewer outlet and the sewer-hose holder.

At The Rear: The ladder for roof access; the lower portion folds up. Behind the lower portion of the ladder is a Roto-Pax fuel-can mount (a 2 gallon model fits easy; the 3 gallon model is a bit tight to the ladder). The “people” door; which also incorporates a screen door. A 7-way plug for towing purposes. A second Roto-Pax mount is on the passenger side of the door (this mount easily takes a 3 gal model). The two Roto-Pax locking mechanisms are included; remember to ask for them. From the underneath, just to the passenger side of the door, exits the 7-way electrical cord for the camper plug-in (40 inches +/-).

Moving To The Passenger Side: At the rear, down low, is the drain for the water tank. There is a small door part way up, which is for plumbing access related to the inside shower. There is enough free space to hold a fly trap and a yellow jacket trap, a plastic jar holding fittings for water system hookups, a couple of rags, and a 300 watt clamp light I have. Under the dinette window is a 120 volt duplex plug. And, of course, the 10-foot awning.

What’s Inside: Over The cab: We have a queen-size N/S bed. Along each side of the bed there are two storage cabinets; each with a lift-up door. Raise the bed for access to under-bed storage (driver’s side). Pull out the drawer under the bed (passenger’s side) for additional storage. Upon full extension, this drawer hangs on the shower wall for full access to your fishing, hunting, photography stuff? Clothes, groceries, maps, other? Or, the drawer is strong enough to be used as a bed!

On The Ceiling: Ceiling is carpeted for sound deadening. A smoke detector, two single bulb 12 volt light fixtures, and a passive vent in the queen bed area. Two overhead cabinets and the AC in the kitchen/dinning area. Each overhead cabinet has one two-bulb light fixture underneath. In the shower/fridge area there is a three-speed reversible vent fan; a single 12 volt bulb light fixture above the vanity and one above the shower. Both ceiling vents have a cover installed over the outside lid so they can remain open in the rain.

At The Working Level: A divided kitchen sink and three-burner propane stove occupy the counter. There is an electrical outlet at each end of the counter. The cabinet above the counter holds a microwave oven in the left half; the right half has a lift-up door. The AC/DC Vitrifrigo 4.2 cubic foot refrigerator with a .6 cubic foot freezer compartment was new in November of 2022 (to replace the original Dometic unit). Immediately above the refer is the “vanity” storage area. Lift the lid to gain access and you also have a mirror. A Victron battery monitor is to the left of the refer. Two doors, two drawers and the radio are below the counter.

A second overhead cabinet is above the dinette table; each half having a separate lift-up door. The dinette does change into a bed. The dinette cushion under the window does lift up to provide a shallow storage option; into which I am able to fit an extra 20-feet of 30 amp extension cord. The shower/toilet is in the passenger-side rear corner. With the upper shower “walls” remaining in the “down-for-travel” position a nice horizontal space is available for your temporary use.

At The Floor Level: Below the refer reside master switches for the ceiling lights and fan (driver and passenger sides separated), a lighted switch for the outside courtesy light, and the fire extinguisher. Three drop-down doors on the sink side. The converter (upgraded to charge lithium) and fuse panel at the front. Swing-out door under the front dinette seat. Under the rear dinette seat, a pull-out drawer; below the drawer live the two 100 amp/hour lithium batteries, the Victron solar charge controller, shunt for the battery monitor, and associated wiring. And the water pump.

In The Basement: The manufacturer markets the space underneath the floor as the “basement.” Located within are the liquid storage tanks. Forty gallons of fresh water storage. Fifteen gallons of grey water storage. Fifteen gallons of black water storage. And, of course, a bunch of wires.

Why am I selling it? I need a bigger camper, a hard-side. No desire to build another house. So, I made the decision to outfit a camper with my own design and options. I have a Total Composites shell on order, which will replace this camper.

I am selling the Outfitter Apex 8 for $25,000. Please email or call Guy at 928.517.1208 (cell) with your questions. The camper is located in central Arizona and has been to several of the Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rallies.

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