Sold: 2006 Ram 3500 and 2008 Bigfoot 25C9.4LB Combo

With thoughts of retirement and adventures far and wide for my wife and I, I searched the Internet to buy an easily-maneuverable truck camper which would give us both performance and easy driving. We settled on a cozy all-weather, molded-fiberglass, Bigfoot 2500 camper―a new, roomy 30th-Anniversery 2008 25C9.4LB model. For a description of this camper read the ebrochure. The camper is well ventilated as well as equipped with a propane wall heater and electric AC. This package includes a like-new Honda generator for boondocking.

Initially, I acquired a 3/4-ton gasoline-powered Ford F-250 equipped with many heavy-duty features. Long story short, these four-season campers are relatively heavy (2,620 pounds unloaded) and the F-250 fell short of power on steep mountain grades as well as cruising the Interstate highways.

I replaced the Ford with a very low-mileage, 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 4×4! Being powered by a 5.9L 3rd-Gen Cummins diesel engine, the performance (horsepower and torque) along with the long wheel base of the Dodge truck was the optimal choice. Many Dodge truck owners prefer slightly older trucks that avoid the “monster/supersize” trend of the more late models. Like my wife, many female drivers are put off by today’s oversized vehicles and don’t like driving them.

The one-ton Laramie Quad-Crew long-bed and long wheel base fit the camper in style and checks all the right boxes. This is a rig that’s easy and a pleasure to drive, both on the open road as well as in urban settings. This edition of the Dodge RAM 3500 features the coveted heavy-duty rear-leaf springs rather than weaker coil springs found on newer models. Leaf springs are desired by serious RV enthusiasts. Given the sorry state of America’s roads and infrastructure, I’ve even added suspension enhancements (see below) in pursuit of the most luxury-sedan-like ride possible.

The rig has mostly been kept in a heated garage. Further, we’ve added slightly less than 25,000 additional miles. This very clean truck has only 59,950 miles! Whether off-road or cruising Interstates at 80+mph, this “go anywhere” duo will take you there in both luxury comfort and peace of mind. Rigorous maintenance has been maintained.

Of course, you might want a newer rig. A 2021 edition will likely cost you a total of $130,000 USD (≈$80k truck; ≈$50k camper). Due to its mechanical soundness, pristine condition inside and out, low-mileage, suspension additions, various upgrade enhancements—entertainment center, air-conditioner, and Honda generator, we are asking $78,500. Contact Dan at [email protected].

Sorry, but the truck will NOT be sold separate of the camper. This unit is the perfect investment for hunters, fisherman, oil-field or Amazon workers, and adventurers of all stripes. Are you ready to travel to far-away places or simply make weekend escapes to the cool mountains? This rig will meet all your needs.

Upgrades and Suspension Performance Enhancements

Rancho Shocks: The truck has new, heavy-duty Rancho RS9000XL adjustable shocks, front and rear. They feature a 9-position adjustment settings (400 percent variance) to “fine tune” the ride and driving characteristics for what you’re doing. See Rancho Performance Suspension and Shocks.

SuperSprings: SumoSprings fit between the frame and the the rear axle. They provide extra protection to both the truck and camper from those serious chuckholes that can cause normal suspension systems to “bottom-out”. See SuperSprings International.

Hellwig Anti-Sway Bar: An anti-sway bar provides extra vertical and horizontal torque/twist stability to the overall unit, which increases driving pleasure. Whether you’re encountering stiff crosswinds or navigating a tight mountain curve, you’ll experience minimal “lean/tilt” to the overall rig, providing that feeling of being “glued” to the road. And who doesn’t appreciate less feelings of anxiety or imaginary fears that the rig might “tip over?” See Hellwig Suspension Products.

Blend Door USA: During mid-January 2021, I had the local Dodge dealership do a overhaul of the HVAC box, replacing the various plastic door with machined aluminum. This upgrade addresses the problem of loss pf heat or A/C to the driver’s side of the cab. Total cost was $1,800. This should not be trouble free. See Blend Doors USA website for full explanation of a common problem and details of how it gets fixed.

Entertainment Center: Upgraded Kenwood Entertainment Center with Jensen Speakers, Samsung TV/Monitor, equipped with HappiJac 4150 camper jacks and TorkLift FastGun turnbuckles and tie-downs, plus ALL documentation and owner manuals.

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