Wolf Creek 850 Combo Bunk and Range Drawer Install

When we took delivery of our Wolf Creek 850N camper last month it was lacking several options that we really wanted. Foremost was the fold-down combo Bunk/Roof Locker. Storage space is always lacking in a camper and this unit provides a tremendous amount that is great for clothes, towels, linens, food, and other stuff. We also wanted the under range drawer, large enough for several pots and pans and large bowls.

Ordering these items from the Northwood factory was painless and didn’t cost too much. Factory orders have to be made from an authorized dealer and typically take about three weeks for delivery. The items are shipped in specially made wooden crates to protect the items and contain most of the required hardware, but not all. The range drawer didn’t come with the metal track that supports the drawer and the combo bunk doors didn’t come with any of the screws. No directions of any kind were included so snapping pics of another Wolf Creek with these options were invaluable.

The under range drawer was easy to install. You’ll need a good jig saw and some painters tape to protect the panel from scratches and scuff marks while using the jig saw. Cutting the large rectangular hole was probably the hardest part as some caution is needed to ensure you don’t cut into the cabinet framing, the cutout pretty much follows the contour of the framing. After cutting an inch from the end of the aluminum support track with my Dremel tool, a couple wood screws and a level is all I needed to install it.

To install the fold-down combo bunk you’ll need a good level and a drill. I used seven evenly spaced wood screws to install the horizontal base piece. Care is needed to ensure the base is low enough for the attached fascia piece and level before screwing it to the walls. Next I installed the single slat on the left side to support the fold-down fascia piece (the right side is supported by the window valance). Then I laid the fascia piece in place and screwed the piano hinge into the base piece. From there it was pretty simple to complete the installation.

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