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Truck Camper Adventure is proud to present, Feature in the Spotlight, a periodic look at a truck camper feature or option that is new and revolutionary or just plain cool. In this third installment, we take a closer look at BundutecUSA’s new BunduAwn Fold-out Awning.

It’s no secret that I’m no fan of the standard, retractable RV awning on truck campers. It’s not that I don’t think they have any value, they do. But I don’t think that retractable awnings are particularly that useful and practical on a truck camper. That opinion changed after watching a demo of BundutecUSA’s new BunduAwn awning at the recent Overland Expo West (note that some literature still refers to this awning as the BunduEL or the BunduHalf Wing, the old names). Unlike the standard RV awning, the BunduAwn opens out with three arms on one pivot and provides coverage on two sides of your camper rather than just one. Not only that, but the extended arms of this revolutionary awning are also self-supporting. No poles are needed! When opened, another small support arm pops up to provide additional height to the slope of the roof to provide better drainage during rains. The zippered travel bag, when open, closes the gap between your vehicle and the awning to prevent water running down the side of the vehicle. It essentially works like a gutter while the awning is deployed.

Like all of the Bundutec awnings, the BunduAwn is quick and easy to deploy—it takes about 1 minute—and is constructed entirely of aluminum. This makes the awning not only lightweight (just 27 pounds), but also resistant to the elements. The fabric is made with the Riptech300 material which is a woven polyester/acrylic blend manufactured to endure the harshest climatic conditions, even those found in Africa. The awning’s fabric is also coated with an aluminized material to reflect heat away from the awning. This reflective material, which is also waterproof, provides a temperature difference of 10 to 15 degrees underneath. The BunduAwn also performs better in the wind than your standard retractable awning. When deployed, it’s designed to withstand up to 35 mph winds without the need for support lines. With support lines, I saw this awning remain fixed and rock solid during wind gusts of 50 mph (at the Overland Expo everyone had stowed away their awnings due to high winds except for BundutecUSA). The BunduAwn is currently available in 8-foot lengths.




Can the BunduAwn be used on any truck camper without a rear ladder? It can, but it’s best used on a pop-up truck camper, so that it can be reached for deployment. On a hard-side truck camper, you’ll need to either mount it lower on the side of the camper or mount it near the roof line and use a ladder or step stool to reach it so that it can be deployed and stowed away for travel. If you watch the official video, you’ll see what I mean. Mounting the BunduAwn is easy and the awning includes all of the mounting brackets and hardware that you’ll need to install it. The awning’s size and ease of use means that it can be used on all kinds of vehicles and RV’s including utility trailers, toy haulers, and van conversions longer than 8 feet. This trend setting awning retails for $1,110 and can be purchased directly from BundutecUSA. So if you’re serious about purchasing an awning for your truck camper or trailer, I’d give the BunduAwb a serious look. I certainly am.

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