Feature in the Spotlight: The Easy Charge Battery Charging Station

Palomino Camper's Battery Charge Station - Truck Camper Adventure

Truck Camper Adventure is proud to present, Feature in the Spotlight, a periodic look at a truck camper feature or option that is new and revolutionary or just plain cool. In this second installment, we take a closer look at the Easy Charge, an exterior 12 volt battery charging station now being installed in many campers.

Keeping our truck camper’s batteries topped off while we’re enjoying the great outdoors is important not only for our comfort and convenience, but also for the life of our batteries. Aside from the power generated by the alternators in our trucks, the best and most popular ways to keep our batteries topped off is by using a solar power system or a generator. If your plans involve portable charging devices, like a Honda EU2000i generator or a Renogy 100 watt portable solar suitcase, you’ll need to have physical access to your batteries. This isn’t a problem if your batteries are in an exterior battery compartment, but if they’re mounted inside the coach, getting to them will require running wires through an open door or window. Obviously, an unsatisfactory situation. Not only that, but going this route may require long wire runs, which may reduce the amount of current carried. The shorter the wire runs, the better.

That’s where the new Easy Charge battery charge station comes in. The Easy Charge battery station is a new feature found in all Lance and Polomino truck campers. I photographed this particular Easy Charging Station on a 2016 Palomino 1251 pop-up truck camper. The Easy Charge design appears robust and it looks like it, and the associated wiring, can handle at least 20 amps which is more than large enough for the currents typically generated by a Honda EU2000i generator or a 100 watt solar suitcase. Moreover, this neat battery charge station is “easy” to access via a small hinged door which keeps out moisture and dirt. Not only that, but the individual lugs are notched to allow alligator clips to stay attached. Most generators and portable solar suitcases are equipped with alligator clip connectors, so this is a welcome feature.

What’s great is that Lance and Palomino are now installing the Easy Charge battery charging station as a standard item at the factory. My Northstar Laredo didn’t have a charging port or station when I bought it and I wish it did. I needed something like this for my Renogy 100 watt solar power suitcase and resorted to installing an SAE two-prong plug instead. It works fine for what I use it for, but a more robust design that can handle more current like the Easy Charge battery charging station would’ve been better. It’s hoped that other truck camper manufacturers take notice and start installing the Easy Charge battery charging station in their truck campers as well. It provides a quick and easy access port to your batteries and when it comes to battery charging options, the more, the better.

Palomino Camper's Battery Charge Station - Truck Camper Adventure

Palomino Camper's Battery Charge Station - Truck Camper Adventure

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