Far-Out Campers Offers Unique Truck Topper With a Twist

When it comes to a truck and camper combination nothing is as light as the truck topper. What differentiates the truck topper from the traditional slide-in camper is that it sits on the bed rails of the truck and uses the truck’s bed as the floor. This not only makes the “camper” lighter, but also offers the owner a myriad of options on how to outfit the interior. Some opt for a basic topper interior with only a countertop or two to maximize use of the bed for toys like bikes and quads, while some fully outfit the inside with an interior that rivals some of the better slide-in campers being built today. Nearly all truck toppers employ a traditional canvas pop-up or pop-top to maximize head room and a cabover bed for sleeping, while a select few opt for a less traditional approach like Far-Out Campers that uses a “drop down” design. To learn more about the Far-Out Camper, we spoke with May Landero Van, Managing Director of the company.

Tell us about Far-Out and how you got started?

Maya Landero: I am part of a family that is oriented around camping and spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking, fishing, skiing, or dirt biking. The Far-Out Camper story begins with a series of outdoor adventures over the years where we’ve tried various camping solutions, including toy haulers, tent trailers, flat decks, and campers. However, we always felt something was missing and realized if we couldn’t find what we needed out in the market, we had to build it ourselves! It was during the 2020 lockdowns that we had the opportunity to get creative in our shop and create the first Far-Out prototype. Back then, we didn’t even have a name for it. We considered countless adjectives that describe the outdoors, but none felt quite right. Our camper is truly unique, different, and unconventional, and as they used to say in the 70s, it was nothing short of “Far-Out.” And just like that, we had our name. It’s amazing that the energy spent juggling logistics, working  on patents,  drafting contracts, and creating professionally engineered units, started from an original sketch we drew on the back of a napkin. It has been a wild ride ramping up production and growing the business the past three years!

We love your unique approach to truck camper design. Can you tell us about it?

Maya Landero: Our camper stands out as an innovative “drop-down” design, differentiating it from traditional and pop-up campers. The unique feature of our camper is that its walls drop down to a horizontal position providing two comfortable beds which sleep up to four people, while also ensuring full utilization of the interior truck box area. This is the underlying reason why we designed this camper, the amount of usable space you have both when the camper is open and closed is incomparable.

This space maximizing design is what allows you to bring along all your camping gear, toys, and work equipment, securely stored within the lockable camper. Personally, we load ours up with two full-size dirt bikes alongside all the essential camping equipment, giving it the nickname of a “toy hauler for the back of our pickup.”

The camper attaches to the rails of your truck, and with the assistance of struts, the two side walls drop down, transforming into two beds. We offer models to accommodate both short-bed and long-bed truck beds. The setup is fast and easy, taking less than a minute per side to set up. To ensure durability without compromising on weight, our campers are expertly manufactured from welded marine-grade aluminum, then coated with a black powder finish. The tenting, made from acrylic-coated polyester, is not only durable but also waterproof. Every component of our camper is over-engineered, designed with the rugged outdoor conditions in mind. While we provide a warranty, we’re confident that these campers are built to last a lifetime. Additionally, our camper has an over-cab design that reduces wind resistance, while simultaneously offering extra storage space and a dedicated area to store key components like a battery and heater. Though the camper is removable, it looks so cool that you’ll likely want to keep it on your rig!

What was the inspiration for designing such a unique camper?

Maya Landero: Like most great ideas, the Far-Out Camper was born out of a genuine need. Our family likes to go camping, fly fishing, hiking, river rafting and dirt biking. Although we love overnight camping, we found ourselves settling for day trips, just to avoid bringing the traditional overnight setup and having to deal with hooking up a trailer etc. As I’m sure you all know, pulling a trailer down a bumpy dirt road takes a high level of patience. We also knew we wanted to be able to bring our camper down four wheel drive roads that our traditional camper just was not meant for. When we couldn’t find a solution that worked for us out on the market, we built it! A camper that, by maximizing space, could sleep the whole family and still have plenty of room for all our toys, eliminating the need to bring along a trailer. It worked perfectly for us, the durable design, extra space, plus the awesome overland rig look, all aligned perfectly with our interests and lifestyle. Our initial prototype was such a hit, we decided to hire professional engineers and quality fabricators to fine-tune our concept. Three months later, we had our new Far-Out Camper!

Why did you decide to start building campers?

Maya Landero: When we designed the first unit, we knew it would work great for us, but we had no idea what this would turn into. We just knew we needed a DIY solution that was hassle-free to get our dirt bikes out to camp, and we loved the result. We very quickly realized that others liked it too. It seemed like almost every time we were out at a campsite or even at the grocery store, somebody would come up to say “Hey, cool setup” and follow up with “How does it work?” It was in these moments that we realized we had something special due to the broader demand from outdoor enthusiasts who were searching for a solution just like ours. From those who were looking for a work camper with tool space, to motocross riders, long-term campers, families seeking an all-in-one solution and even folks towing horse trailers, the interest was undeniable. This led us to manufacturing professionally engineered units and now we are grateful to be able to share our camper with the outdoors community.

What are the specifications of the camper? How much does it weigh?

Maya Landero: The black powder coated marine grade aluminum camper weighs 675 pounds for the standard truck box model. For the 8-foot model, the weight is 725 pounds. For the standard box model, the exterior height is 52 inches, length 82 inches and width 72 inches.

What features and options come with your campers:

Maya Landero: The base model comes with numerous features, including pre-wiring and interior lighting. It also includes two high-density foam beds with removable and washable mattress covers, as well as acrylic-coated polyester tenting with three windows per side, complete with mosquito netting. There’s also netting included for extra storage along the front wall. Additionally, we offer various add-ons such as roof rails, solar panels, an awning mount, fold-down tables, heaters, electric generators, side-mounting rails, back door rails, wall-mounted trays, netting for the front and roof, curtains with rails, back door screens, step/handles, privacy screens/tent protectors, and bed extensions with mattresses. You can find a complete list of these options on our website.

How much does the camper cost? What is the waiting time/backlog for new orders?

Maya Landero: The camper currently costs $18,600 USD. The wait time for a new order is approximately three months.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about your company and camper?

Maya Landero: We take pride in the fact that we are able to manufacture these quality campers in North America. We are also currently in the process of developing a design for a model that is compatible for midsize truck beds. The support we have received from those who have seen the camper has been overwhelming. As we continue ramping up production, we feel so fortunate to work in an industry we are passionate about and can help fellow adventurers get outdoors! We are always available to answer any questions. Thank you for reading and for the chance to share our story!

To learn more about Far-Out Campers, visit the company’s website at  www.far-outcamping.com

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  1. I absolutely love this design, and would absolutely consider one for the right price point. For me, that would be about $10k less than their base price. It’s a tall cap with a flip down tent, after all.

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