Expion360’s New Lineup Features Huge 360 AH Lithium RV Battery

Expion360, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries for boats and RVs, just released a new line of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) called the VPR 4Ever. According to the company’s press release, the new batteries offer a six-fold increase in lifetime use and six times the discharge power, yet are 65 percent lighter than standard lead-acid batteries.

Expion360’s new lineup includes six LiFePO4 batteries to suit every possible size and need: three group-24 batteries rated for 60, 80, and 95 amp hours, two group-27 batteries rated for 100 and 120 amp hours, and a massive 360 amp hour model for RVs and boats built with larger battery storage bays. The VPR 4Ever Classic series rated for 60, 80, and 100 amp hours utilize lower density cells, while the VPR 4Ever Platinum series rated for 95, 120, and 360 amp hours use higher density cells with a greater cost. All VPR 4Ever lithium batteries provide a nominal output of 12.8 volts, a 99 percent efficiency, and a 100 percent usable capacity.

Of these, Expion’s new signature 360 amp hour LiFePO4 battery is sure to be a game changer. Called the VPR 4Ever Platinum 360, it boasts an impressive 360 amp hours and features the smallest battery footprint available on the market. The battery measures only 13.0 x 14.8 x 10.4 inches and weighs a mere 95 pounds. This is the battery that is now being used in the Truck Camper Adventure Rig. Look for details and photos on this amazing installation soon.

Pricing for the Expion360 VPR 4Ever batteries is much more affordable with the Classic group-24, 60 amp hour battery selling for $699, while the Classic group-27, 100 amp hour battery is only $899. The VPR 4Ever Platinum 360 lists for $3,999.

Why go with Expion360 lithium batteries in your boat or RV? Because lithium offers many advantages over archaic lead-acid batteries, including a 100 percent usable capacity (vice 50 percent for lead-acid), a lower price cycle over time, extreme battery life, better hot and cold weather performance, a substantially improved power to weight ratio (most VPR 4Ever batteries are 65 percent lighter), and a smaller ecological footprint. They also charge faster because they can be bulk charged to a full charge state.

The box design in every Expion360 VPR 4Ever battery incorporates a number of new features. The X, Y and Z axis within the box space are structurally secured with molded ribs rather than foam filler that is found in most of competitors. Expion uses only the highest-grade ABS plastics and infuse 10 percent glass fill into the military-grade battery case that meet UL-94 VO for fire retardant rating. Expion’s battery box is also the first in the industry to feature rubber feet. This feature greatly reduces vibration and sliding issues found in typical mobile installations. Radiused corners heighten the appearance and strengthen the edges for a sleek and sophisticated profile. Each box also features “polarity pads,” which are 96.7 percent larger than standard polarity terminals. This forward-thinking approach to battery design increases the strength and structural integrity by allowing better heat dissipation and a 19 percent increase in current carrying capacity.

Better yet, all batteries in Expion360’s new VPR 4Ever lineup feature an improved “smart” Battery Monitoring System (BMS). For the cold weather enthusiast, the BMS features a low-temp discharge and charge auto-shutoff to prevent damage in freezing temperatures. The temperature shutoff controls are controlled internally through a microprocessor in the BMS, which receives data through a temperature probe in the battery pack. Low and high voltage cutouts, short circuit protection, and overcurrent disconnect are also managed by Expion360’s BMS. While other makes may overlook the safety importance of structurally securing the BMS board, Expion360’s process incorporates a bolted design that creates one cohesive pack. The addition of terminal connections and an oversized heatsink increase, the reliability of the Expion’s BMS will give years of trouble-free performance.

Expion360 is also pleased to announce that all battery cells used in the VPR 4Ever lineup are UL certified, meaning that they have been independently tested and meet the highest standards for safety and performance.

To support the release of this exciting new lineup of affordable lithium batteries, Expion360 will soon be offering proprietary battery tie-down systems for its VPR 4Ever group-24 and group-27 batteries. Cold temperature heating packages will soon be offered as well.

To celebrate the new release, Expion360 has donated two 100 amp hour, group-27 batteries for the big Truck Camper Adventure Rally raffle in Quartzsite next month.

For more information, contact John Yozamp at (541) 797-6714, or email info@expion360.com.

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  1. If only Lithium Ion chemistry could evolve into being functional in Cold weather climates. Wonder if a low amperage draw Battery Blanket could make these great batteries work in cold climates?

    • You can use lithium batteries below 32 degrees you just can’t charge them below that number. A low-amp draw heating blanket or heating system using water tank heating pads is an excellent way to keep them warm when needed.

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