Expion360 Launches VPR4Ever Grp-31 Lithium Battery

Expion360 recently released a new 100 amp hour lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) group-31 battery called the VPR4Ever Classic. According to the Oregon-based company, the deep cycle battery will allow owners to charge faster, stay longer, and go further while camped off-grid. The VRP4Ever’s Battery Management System (BMS) features an automatic cold weather disconnect feature to prevent the battery from being charged and damaged below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Engineered with LiFePo4 chemistry, an advanced lithium technology that optimizes power and performance, the VPR4Ever Classic strikes the perfect balance between price and performance. The deep cycle battery uses Expion360’s new UL1642 listed 26650 LiFePO4 cells that meet the highest standard in performance and safety. The internal build has been improved in many ways, including the use of solid copper collection plates and bolted power cable connections which lower resistance and increase efficiency. The ruggedly-built BMS provides balanced charging and discharging of the individual LiFePO4 cells as well as protection shutoff for high voltage, low voltage, high current, short circuit, high temperature, and low temperature for charging.

The VPR4Ever Classic is a more economical battery to build with the use of less yet larger 26650 sized LiFePO4 cells in a group-31 case, making it a more affordable battery to purchase at $899.00. Expion360 has the confidence in this deep cycle battery to back it with a 12-year warranty, eight-year full replacement, and four year prorated. Like all Lithium batteries sold by Expion360, the VPR4Ever offers 90 percent usable capacity compared with the traditional lead acid battery that offers only a 50 percent usable capacity. It also weighs 50 percent less than a group-31 AGM and can be charged faster using a bulk charge. It also lasts longer than a standard lead acid AGM battery—between 2,000 and 5,000 cycles—and doesn’t suffer from voltage sag.

Why didn’t Expion360 start with a smaller, 100 amp hour group-27 battery for this new series? “What it came down to is the components that we have currently fit in a group-31 easily,” explained Joel Yozamp, Expion360’s Customer Experience Manager. “We need to spend a little more time in some redesigning and some tweaking to go into a 27. A group-27 will be released in the Fall and will be in our own case. But a 31 was an easy way to improve the internal components quickly and use a case that we had readily available. It’s kind of a stepping stone.”

A detailed listing of Expion360 battery products to be released in October 2020 include the EX360XDP-C, a massive 360 amp hour battery with a size equivalent of two group-31’s; the aforementioned EX-100C-27, a 100 amp hour group-27 lithium battery; the EX-60C-24, a 60 amp hour group-24 designed to fit in smaller applications, and the EX-80C-24, an 80 amp hour  group-24 battery. For more information on all Expion360 products visit the company’s website at www.expion360.com.


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