EarthRoamer Technology Continues to Evolve for Luxury Expedition Truck Camper Builder

The new EarthRoamer SX at the 2023 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

When it comes to luxury and features, the EarthRoamer LTi is hard to beat. It all starts with a Ford F-550 4WD chassis topped with a carbon fiber camper outfitted with first-rate cabinetry and components, including granite counter tops, a large wet bath, a massive 1,320 watt solar power system, a 920 amp hour lithium battery system, gargantuan 43-inch tires, and a 100-gallon fresh water tank. The 29-foot-long expedition rig is also equipped with a king-size bed, a DC air conditioner, a dual induction cooktop, an 8-cubic foot two-door compressor refrigerator, diesel heating systems, an auxiliary 55 gallon diesel tank, a custom front bumper, and a Kelderman air ride suspension system that would make truck camper owner drool.

Unfortunately, at $730,000, the luxury expedition truck camper is also expensive. This puts the rig out of the reach of most, yet the rig still inspires professional builders and DIYers alike. In spite of company’s achievements, the design team at EarthRoamer is never content with the status quo. The team is always looking for ways to improve upon what is already an amazing piece of engineering. Yet, EarthRoamer doesn’t make changes simply for the sake of making them—they make changes that truly enhance or improve upon the company’s mission of building finest luxury expedition vehicle on the planet. It’s been several years, since we’ve published an article on the EarthRoamer, so we decided to talk with EarthRoamer Customer Experience Manager, Zack Renier, to get caught up on the latest.

Hi, Zack. Thanks for talking with us. What’s new at EarthRoamer?

Zack Renier: Our biggest development at EarthRoamer recently has been the introduction of our newest model, the EarthRoamer SX. This is being produced in addition to the EarthRoamer LTi, as a second product line. Other than introducing the EarthRoamer SX, our 2023 EarthRoamer LTi has also had some major changes, including a substantial chassis redesign in order to fit our new tires, the 43-inch Goodyear G275s. These new tires allow for much higher speeds and weight ratings, which make the truck more comfortable on the road as well as on the trail.  These tires are being utilized on both the LTi and the SX.

The new EarthRoamer SX left, the ‘old’ EarthRoamer LTi right.

The EarthRoamer LTS was discontinued in 2019 and replaced with the LTi. What are the key differences? Why the name change?

Zack Renier: The EarthRoamer XV-LTS was the end of the older breed of trucks that we produced with fiberglass shells, AGM batteries, and analog control systems. When we transitioned from our 2019 production line of XV-LTS’s, we completed a full redesign of the entire product from the ground up to introduce the new 2020 EarthRoamer LTi. The LTi is full of innovation (hence the name change), such as switching our composite production to Carbon Fiber, switching our batteries to Lithium Ion, and switching our control systems to fully integrated digital smart controls. There are many more improvements between the XV-LTS and the LTi, probably too many to list here!

Old and new at the EarthRoamer factory in Dacano, Colorado: an EarthRoamer LTi (foreground) with an EarthRoamer XV-LTSS and an XV-LTS.

What are the basic specifications of the LTi? (weight, holding tank sizes, etc.)

Zack Renier: The EarthRoamer LTi has:

  • Single-piece Carbon Fiber shell construction
  • Ford F-550 chassis
  • Combo wet-bath
  • King bed
  • 100 gallons fresh water
  • 40 gallons grey water
  • 1,320 watts of solar panels
  • 920 amp hours of lithium ion batteries
  • 29-foot length
  • 12-foot height
  • 8-foot  width
  • 17,500 pounds average weight
  • 43-inch Goodyear tires on 20-inch Hutchinson double-beadlock wheels
The EarthRoamer LTi

The EarthRoamer SX has:

  • Single piece Carbon Fiber shell construction
  • Chevy 6500 chassis
  • Separated dry bath
  • Two Cali-king beds, plus optional adult bunks
  • 120 gallons fresh water
  • 60 gallons grey water
  • 1,600 watts of solar panels
  • 1,380 to 1,840 amp hours of lithium batteries (three batteries standard, 4th optional)
  • 34-foot length
  • 12-foot height
  • 8-foot width
  • 22,000 pounds average weight
  • 43-inch Goodyear tires on 20-inch Hutchinson double-beadlock wheels

The control panel used at EarthRoamer is second to none. Which systems are monitored and controlled from it?

Zack Renier: Pretty much everything is on our new digital control system that was designed in collaboration with Mastervolt and CZONE. This includes all electrical systems, charging systems, water systems, HVAC systems, lighting, accessories, security, and much more.  A large majority of the truck can be control with conveniently located panels throughout the truck, as well as via an iPad if that is more convenient.

Which appliances come with the standard LTi? Does EarthRoamer still use a True Induction Dual Cooktop?

Zack Renier: Yes, we do. Our EarthRoamer LTi comes standard with the 12 volt air conditioning system, diesel air heater, diesel water heater, refrigerator, freezer, microwave/convection oven combo, 100 gallons onboard water, and a dual induction cooktop. The customer can choose whether they prefer a single or a double burner stove depending on the truck layout, as well as having the option for built in coffee makers from a selection of manufacturers and styles, outdoor kitchens and grills from a selection of manufacturers and styles, and plenty more.

The EarthRoamer SX comes with everything mentioned about the LTi, plus the ability to have up to a three-burner induction cooktop, the ability to add a washer/dryer combo, and plenty more.

Which make and model of DC air conditioner do you use?

Zack Renier: A lot of the inner workings of EarthRoamer systems are proprietary, but I can say that a lot of collaboration has been done with Mastervolt as well as other manufacturers to make our state-of-the-art systems function seamlessly, no matter the circumstances or environment. Our systems are definitely not plug-and-play, that’s for sure!

Does EarthRoamer still use the Kelderman air-ride system? Any plans to use the LiquidSpring Suspension System in the future?

Zack Renier: We are very proud of the in-house build of our chassis, with different components from different manufacturers, as well as a large amount that is built in-house by our machine shop and fabrication shop. We are still producing trucks that ride on airbag suspension with components from Kelderman Manufacturing. As for switching to any other suppliers or systems, we are always open to new innovation, and are happy to consider anything that meets our standards of function, reliability, serviceability, durability, and will pass all of our strict quality controls standards and tests that we put our trucks through before delivering to customers.

Closeup of the EarthRoamer’s Kelderman air ride system and King shocks.

Can you tell us why you switched from 41-inch to 43-inch military-grade tires?

As of January 1, 2023, all EarthRoamer LTi’s and EarthRoamer SX’s are delivering with 43-inch tires, instead of the previous 41-inch tires.  This is due to higher speed and load ratings, which greatly improve the on-road performance and longevity.  These new tires are showing much longer lifespans than ever before with more even wear patterns.  These new tires are still wrapped around the Hutchinson double-beadlock wheels, which allows for the best offroad performance when aired down.

What materials are used in the cabinets and countertops? Does EarthRoamer still offer different types of finishes?

Zack Renier: We use a variety of different materials in all of the finishes for the EarthRoamer LTi and SX.  The customer chooses these materials based on their design preferences, including wood species, wood grain patterns, stain colors, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, leather and other soft materials, exterior colors, Ford cab finishes, glass inserts, and much more. Choosing options is quite an involved process!

What is the current pricing for an EarthRoamer?

Zack Renier: Our base price is listed as $730,000 for the EarthRoamer LTi, and $1,045,000 as the base price of an SX. Both of these base prices can get you a very functional truck, with the additional options all catering to a customer’s additional personal preferences.  A well-optioned LTi usually rolls out around $820,000 to $830,000, while a well-optioned SX rolls out around $1.1M.

How many EarthRoamer LTi’s are being made a year?

Zack Renier: Combining the LTi and the SX lines, we are producing approximately 40 trucks total per year, with continuous plans of growth in the near future.

Thanks for getting us caught up, Zack.

Zack Renier: It was my pleasure, Mike.

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