Converting MOPAR’s JK Tool Kit into a TJ Tool Kit

Have you ever wanted to remove your Jeep Wrangler hard top and/or doors when you were out and about on a beautiful day, but didn’t have the tools available to make it happen? Don’t fret. The folks at MOPAR now produce a neat, little Jeep Wrangler Hard Top and Door Removal Tool Kit to prevent this from ever happening to you.

MOPAR’s tool kit includes all the tools you need to remove your Jeep Wrangler hard top and soft top and doors. The kit includes three torx bits–a T-30, a T-40 and a T-50–a 10 mm socket with a one-quarter inch hex driver, a one-quarter inch hex ratchet with the Jeep logo, and a green storage pouch embroidered with the Jeep logo. This handy, little kit was produced for JK Jeep Wranglers (2007-2015 model years), but with a little work the kit can be converted into one that can also be used for TJ Jeep Wranglers (1997-2006 model years).

Here’s what you need to complete your TJ Hard Top and Door Removal Tool Kit:

  • Unlike the JK Wrangler, which uses a T-50 torx bit to remove the doors, the TJ Wrangler uses a 13 mm socket. So you’ll need to either buy a 13 mm socket or pull one from one of your existing socket sets.
  • Keep the T-40 torx bit. It’s used to remove hard tops on both the JK and TJ. It’s also used to remove the torx bolts from TJ soft tops.
  • Keep the T-30 and T-50 torx bits. Even though neither is needed to remove the doors and tops from your TJ, they can and should be retained since there are other parts of the Jeep that use these sizes of torx bolts.
  • The 10 mm socket fitting that is used in conjunction with the T-40 torx bit to remove JK soft tops should be discarded. As far as I know it serves no purpose in removing the soft top from a TJ.

As you can see, only one change is needed to complete your TJ Jeep Wrangler Tool Kit. Most Jeep owners will have the required 13 mm socket to complete the kit, but some may need to buy one locally or buy one online.

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