CarGenerator Can Transform Your Truck Camper Adventures

Looking for a way to power your truck camper adventures without the need for a traditional gasoline generator?  CarGenerator is offering several models to power your truck camper needs, including 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 3,000 watt models. The CarGenerator promises to not only revolutionize your truck camper adventures, but is also offering an exclusive discount for TCA readers, making it more accessible than ever to stay powered wherever you roam.

In an era where freedom and flexibility in travel are paramount, the CarGenerator emerges as an intriguing option for truck camper and van owners looking for another source for AC power. Essentially a 1,000 watt inverter protected by a heavy-duty plastic case, the CarGenerator converts the 12 volt DC generated by your truck’s alternator into a 110 volt pure sine wave AC.

At 11 pounds, the CarGenerator 1000 is compact, light, and easier to store than a traditional gasoline generator, nor does it require storing a smelly gasoline can that can leak. The 1,000 watt model features two standard 110 volt AC outlets and one 5 volt 2.1 amp USB outlet for charging and several LCD displays and LED indicators. Thus, the CarGenerator caters to all your needs, from charging the batteries in your camper to running home appliances, ensuring you’re always connected and comfortable, no matter where you set up camp.

The CarGenerator is versatile and rugged. It can be used either at home and or while at camp for up to 80 hours depending on the size of your vehicle’s fuel tank. Built-in safety features of the CarGenerator 1000 include overload, over temperature, short circuit and reverse polarity protection. The inverter generator also features an audible alarm and shut down for low and high DC voltage, and overload and over temperature conditions. An optional Bluetooth module can also be ordered, which allows monitoring and control of the CarGenerator via your smartphone.

In an era when multiple charging sources are desired for recreational vehicles, the CarGenerator offers a powerful alternative for those rolling without a DC-DC charger or gasoline generator. Need even more power for your off-grid needs? CarGenerator also sells 1,500 watt, 2,000 watt, and 3,000 watt models for high capacity alternators/dual alternator trucks.

Special Offer for Truck Camper Adventure Readers

As part of the 2024 Truck Camper Adventure Rally sponsorship, CarGenerator is offering a post-rally exclusive discount to Truck Camper Adventure readers. Simply use the TRUCKCAMPERADVENTURE code to receive your discount. Whether you’re an avid camper, an emergency preparedness enthusiast, or someone who loves boondocking and overlanding, the CarGenerator is an investment in reliability and freedom.

Priced at $899, with additional savings between $150-$400 discount available through our exclusive reader offer, there’s never been a better time to enhance your adventures with CarGenerator. Embrace the future of portable power and make the CarGenerator a cornerstone of your travel gear.

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  1. I have looked into these before and honestly, it’s shocking how little fuel a modern gas engine can use at idle. If you have a decent size alternator these work pretty well.

    • Yep unloaded diesel can have carbon problems. probably fine if you put a load and only use it a few hours but regular use will result in issues. See it all the time on lightly loaded diesel gens on yachts.

    • There are many sides to the diesel idling debate. Most interestingly Ford diesel trucks like F250 F350 etc now come with “ProPower” as an option which the truck idles up to 85 hours or more , fully endorsed by Ford. For reference , the DPF filter takes about 12 hours at idle to fill up, so we recommend after 8 hours of use to take the truck for a short drive and let it clear out in the standard way. You can also “up-idle” many diesel trucks also which is often used for power take off purposes. Ford published a study a few years ago about an example of a contractor with a diesel truck driving 50 miles to a job site and then idling for 6 hours per day, for 100 days. The bottom line was simply to factor this in to more frequent oil changes because the engine is in use versus mileage. Most of the CarGenerator customers simply use this camping for 2-3 hours occasionally just to quickly refill the camper batteries.

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