Bundutec to Relaunch Topi Pop-Up Camper at Overland Expo West

BundutecUSA just relaunched the Topi, a rugged, pop-up truck camper made for mid-size trucks. Originally released in 2019, the relaunched Topi features a redesigned floorplan with the refrigerator and all of the camper’s storage compartments located in front—a BundutecUSA exclusive. The rest of the camper’s floorplan remains unchanged with a driver side kitchenette and a passenger side L-shaped dinette.

Perfect for overlanding, the redesigned Topi weighs only 1,330 pounds and features a floor length of 73 inches, a wheel well width of 42 inches, and an overall width of 80 inches, making it compatible with all mid-size trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, and Chevy Colorado, including those with 5 foot and 6 foot bed lengths.

Designed by BundutecUSA founder and CEO, Rory Willett, standard features of the Topi include an 11 gallon fresh water holding tank, a Maxxair 12 volt roof vent, a 1.9 cubic foot DC refrigerator, a Truma VarioHeat furnace, a Lagun swivel mount table, a 25 amp converter-charger, a two-burner stove, a stainless steel sink, a north-south 56×74-inch mattress, and a 20-pound propane tank. The mid-size camper is also equipped with several USB ports and 12 volt outlets to charge cell phones, laptops, and run other devices like portable fans.

The standard battery compartment in the Topi is large enough to house a single group 27 battery, though a larger, dual battery compartment can also be ordered as an option.

Bundutec Topi Floorplan
Topi living space as seen from the bunk.

Additional Topi options include a glass top sink, a Truma Combi Eco, two overhead cabinets, insulated windows, an insulated skylight, a 12 volt lithium battery, a lithium converter-charger, a 3,000 watt inverter, a 5,000 BTU rear wall air conditioner, a 170 or 340 watt solar system, and remote jacks.

Anytime accessories, which the company states can be added “anytime” after the camper is built, include a glass top stove cover, radiant tent panels, a bunk ladder, a USB flex antenna, a TV mount with 12 volt outlet, a porta-potti, exterior aluminum storage, an exterior privacy enclosure, “TraxTabs” with aluminum brackets, a two-bar roof rack and rear ladder, 8-foot awnings, including Bundutec’s excellent Batwing awning, and others.

Like all Bundutec truck campers, the Topi is constructed of wood using time-tested construction methods. The company uses quality kiln dried Lodge Pole Pine 1×4-inch boards from the forests of the Northwest Rockies, and a lightweight, multi-ply marine grade plywood. The 1×4-inch boards are ripped down to 1.5×1-inch wide to save on weight, while providing adequate backing for the installation of cabinets, doors, windows and appliances. A rubberized undercoating is used to seal the exposed portion of the under floor and all “ups” and “outs” to resist moisture.

Well-equipped for today’s overland adventures, the redesigned Topi is a superb addition to the growing field of rugged, mid-size truck campers. The base price for the relaunched BundutecUSA Topi is $19,963.

The official relaunch will take place at the Overland Expo Mountain West from August 27-30 in Loveland, Colorado. The camper will also be shown at the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona, September 24-27 along with Truck Camper Adventure’s very own BundutecUSA Roadrunner.

Topi interior as seen from the dinette.
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