5-Star Boondocking: Utah’s Valley of the Gods

Southeastern Utah’s Valley of the Gods is a great place to boondock. It’s one of my all-time favorite places to relax with the truck camper and take photographs. It’s very accessible for small RVs, like truck campers, and is easily one of the prettiest locations in the American west. If the raw beauty of places like Monument Valley interests you, then you’ll absolutely love what the Valley of Gods has to offer. It’s quieter, less crowded, plus you won’t find any gift shops, restaurants, or restrooms there to mar the view. Not only that, but this prime location sits on land run by the Bureau of Land Management, which means there’s no admission. Boondocking locations in this truck camper paradise are plentiful, too. I’ve never seen it full.

We visited the Valley of the Gods twice during a recent trip to Moab and Canyonlands National Park in late March. With our new Northstar Laredo truck camper and new Nikon DSLR camera we took over 200 photographs. There’s never a bad time of day or bad time of year to visit the Valley of the Gods, but we prefer visiting in spring or fall and taking our photographs in the morning and evenings when the sunlight is best. The temperatures were darn near perfect during our visits, with daytime highs in the low 60s and lows in the upper 30s.

Epic view while boondocking in the Valley of the Gods.
alley of the Gods - Truck Camper Adventure
View of a large wash near the Sitting Hen Butte.
A Four Wheel Camper camping at the base of the Castle Butte with De Gaulle and His Troops Butte in the background.

The first batch of photos were taken on the southeastern tip of the Santa and Rudolf Butte. From this vantage point the massive butte looks like a spire though from the side it takes on its distinctive “Santa and his sleigh” look that we’ve all come to know and recognize. The neat thing about this location are the nearby hills. From these hills we were able to snap terrific pics of our campsite and the surrounding area. We were fortunate to have clear skies, which bathed the surrounding rock with a deep red glow at sunset and sunrise.

Boondocking with the Santa and Rudolph (left) and De Gaulle and His Troops Buttes (right) in the background.
Boondocking with the Lady in the Tub Butte in the background.

During our second visit we camped on the east side of the Castle Butte. Due to the stunning scenery here, this is a prime location and one we’ve found very difficult to get during previous visits. The campsite is largely flat while the backside falls steeply into a deep ravine and wash. Surrounded by buttes, this location offers terrific views and is a perfect location for morning and evening photography. During this visit, we ran into a couple whom we had met earlier at Canyonlands National Park. They also owned a Northstar camper, a slightly larger model than ours. It was a chance meeting and one that wasn’t planned. After talking for a while we decided to take some photographs of our rigs together–Northstar truck campers on display!!

Valley of the Gods - Truck Camper Adventure
Boondocking at the base of the Rooster Butte.

If you’re ever in the area around the Valley of the Gods, I strongly recommend you stop by to explore. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it. We always do.

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