Battle Born Announces New IntelLigence Smart Lithium Product Line

Dragonfly Energy, maker of Battle Born Batteries and an industry leader in energy storage, just announced the impending launch of Dragonfly IntelLigence, along with a host of accompanying products and accessories. According to the press release, these new products will provide a significant advancement in the lithium-ion battery space for mobile applications, such as RV’s and marine vessels, as well as for stationary back up and off grid energy storage solutions.

Dragonfly IntelLigence technology will provide Battle Born Batteries with reliable communication capabilities via unique mesh network connectivity, enabling accurate remote monitoring for entire lithium battery banks via the Dragonfly Energy Mobile App.

“Overland camping demands robust and trusted components, no more so than the delivery of reliable power and accurate information on the state of that power,” said Josh Miller, OEM Product Manager for Dragonfly Energy. “The Dragonfly IntelLigence lineup of smart batteries and related accessories brings the 5-star, world class dependability 1,000’s of Overlanders have experienced with Battle Born Batteries and takes it to the next level utilizing new and exciting technology not yet seen in any other energy system.”

Dragonfly Energy’s new mobile app.

One of the key products being launched within the Dragonfly IntelLigence family is the Dragonfly Wing, which will utilize IntelLigence technology, an expandable power storage solution that is easy to install and configure for a variety of energy storage applications including home, industrial and mobile. Featuring LiFePO4 Battery chemistry, this energy storage system is not only safe and reliable but features a number of groundbreaking patented technologies including hybrid balancing, selectable voltage and built-in soft start.

An extensive line of Dragonfly IntelLigence compatible accessories will also be available from Dragonfly Energy, expanding the capabilities of a smart lithium battery power system with features designed to protect and optimize the batteries and system as a whole.

“Our new intelligent lithium-ion battery technology is designed to help our RV customers continue to have the best and safest experience possible, especially as we see the demand for higher voltage power systems increase in mobile applications,” Dr. Denis Phares, CEO of Dragonfly Energy, said. “We are working closely with our industry partners in adapting and providing products reflecting how they are using the technology in today’s environment, while keeping safety the highest priority. These products are the outcome of our desire to provide our customers with a robust solution to lithium battery communication needs. We believe the level of patented technology inside of Dragonfly IntelLigence and its accompanying products is truly impressive and opens up exciting and critical new possibilities when it comes to building powerful and reliable energy storage solutions.”

Battle Born Batteries with Dragonfly IntelLigence and accessories will be available in the spring of 2023. To stay informed on Battle Born Batteries and Dragonfly IntelLigence products, visit and sign up for email notifications to be the first to know about preorders, product launches and availability.

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  1. I agree I see plenty of promo material and screenshots but no substance of release dates except spring of 23. I am willing to wait for release if there is some idea around it. Currently looking to buy new batteries and this would be amazing but so far no confidence that its coming this year.

  2. A great headline, and no doubt the PR team at battleborn are patting themselves on the back, but this release is almost non existent on substance! Little detail, and little practical or useful info. It’s like announcing that they are going to be doing something which they can’t announce yet!

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