AT Overland Debuts Aterra Truck Topper at 2023 Overland Expo West

We love to see new truck campers and AT Overland didn’t disappoint as the Prescott-Arizona-based company debut its new Aterra topper shell at the 2023 Overland Expo West. Based on AT Overland’s popular Aterra XL flatbed camper, the Aterra Topper is unique in that it’s the only topper shell that features a standing room, hard-top rather than a traditional canvas pop-top.

The new truck topper was shown on a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 5.9L Cummins diesel owned by Equipt, an AT Overland dealer and outfitter out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Basically what we did was took our Aterra XL, sliced the bottom off, altered it up a bit, and turned it into a topper using our composite technology, and came out with a cool, sort of toyhauler with a garage scenario,” said Mario Donovan, AT Overland co-founder and CEO. “The idea was that if you’re a motorcyclist, like me, you can actually get your motorcycle into this space, but it’s also wide enough for an ATV.”

The Aterra Topper was designed for those who want to have the special Aterra experience and quality without having to convert your truck to a flatbed. Priced competitively with other makes and models of pop-up topper shells, the Aterra Topper bridges the gap between the pop-up topper and hard sided slide-in camper.

The Aterra topper weighs only 510 pounds and will fit any full-size truck with a 6.5-foot bed. Like the Aterra XL, the Aterra topper features a durable honeycomb composite shell with the classic Aterra shape. The topper’s large rear opening liftgate provides enough clearance to load a motorcycle or ATV into the truck bed. The liftgate opens to 90 degrees and provides shading over the truck tailgate when open. The liftgate is lockable from both the inside and outside, giving owners the security they need for valuables and toys.

Interior of the AT Overland Aterra Topper Shell.
Closeup of a National Luna DC 25 Power Pack providing power to the Aterra Topper.

AT Overland Aterra Topper also features a king-size bed with a 3-inch thick upholstery foam mattress. The 74-inch width of the mattress allows for the 6-foot tall or less sleeper to sleep across the cabin if so desired. The split mattress design can be converted into a sitting sofa when placed on the lower bed rails. If a bunk bed is needed for additional occupants, a second split mattress panel is offered.

The windows are another great feature of the hard-top topper with four Tern Overland double-pane windows. Equipped with roller blinds and solar screens, each window provides excellent convection ventilation throughout the camper. The light blocking blinds in each window allows sleeping-in late or make “stealth camping” easy. The placement of the upper windows over the bed gives the sleepers a view of the nighttime sky and fresh air on demand.

Power is provided by a single 185 watt solar panel that is compatible with portable power stations like those made by National Luna and Jackery. The Aterra Topper includes dimmable LED strip lighting, USB and 12 volt power points. Removable panels on the rear corner electrical accessory wire chases provide endless possibilities for electrical upfitting. The standard Mechanical Camper Jack mounts makes removal from the truck a breeze.

The base price for the Aterra Topper starts at $20,500. For more information, visit the AT Overland website at

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