Announcing the 2015 Torklift HiddenPower Giveaway

TL_HiddenPower_300x250Who doesn’t love a free gift? I know I do. To show my appreciation to my loyal followers who faithfully read this blog, who support this blog on, and who support this blog’s generous sponsors, I’m holding my second blog giveaway.

This summer’s giveaway is a great one. The lucky winner will receive one Torklift International HiddenPower auxiliary battery system and one HiddenPower battery wiring harness. In case you don’t know much about this amazing product, the HiddenPower auxiliary battery system provides your truck camper or RV with an additional 12 volt battery. The specially made mount attaches to your truck’s frame underneath your truck, so it’s completely hidden and out of the way. The HiddenPower battery box is large enough to support one 12 volt battery up to a Group 31 size. The installation is easy and requires no drilling. Even the HiddenPower wiring harness connects and disconnects to your truck camper quickly and easily.

hiddenPowerThe HiddenPower auxiliary battery system is great for boondocking. It’s designed to maintain its charge by becoming an extension of your truck camper or RV’s 12 volt battery system, and will recharge via your truck camper or RV’s existing solar panels, generator, and converter. The HiddenPower also allows you to camp without draining your vehicle’s battery when coupled with the HiddenPower Wire Harness. Like all Torklift International products, the HiddenPower battery system comes with the company’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

Here are the rules for the Torklift HiddenPower drawing:

  1. You must be a registered member or follower of this blog. You may do this by either registering on WordPress (just click on the register tab at the top of this page) or by following by email. If you encounter any problems registering, please let me know in your comment (see #3).
  2. You can double your chances for winning by also following me on both Facebook and Twitter. The links to both of these social websites are located here and can be seen to the right.
  3. You must enroll in this drawing by adding a comment at the end of this post stating that you are interested in participating in this contest drawing. Let me know if you also followed this blog on Twitter and Facebook. I will officially confirm your entry into the contest by responding to your comment.
  4. You will receive no spam nor will you be placed on any mailing lists if you enroll.
  5. The drawing will occur on August 17, 2015 and the winner will be announced the following day. (Note: the drawing date has been pushed back to September 17, 2015).
  6. You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  7. A minimum of 50 contestants are required, so get your family and friends to join and hit the forums and let your friends know there, too. If 50 contestants are not enrolled by August 17, then the drawing date will be pushed back in one week increments until the target number of contestants is achieved (note: the requirement for 50 enrollees has been rescinded).
  8. The winner will provide their name and address and vehicle’s year, make, and model to me after which I will provide this information to Torklift. The gift will be shipped directly from Torklift’s headquarters in Sumner, WA to the winner.

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  1. I’m in for the contest. You’ve been Twittered and Facebooked. I’ve tried a few Tork Lift products and love them. I never spotted this one though.

  2. Hello, I am very interested in your blog and this contest. Your adventures are sure fun sounding. I have also liked you on Facebook. Twitter was having some problems and I couldn’t get into it.


  3. Hi Mike! Please enter me into this drawing! I’d love to win! I also wanted to tell you how impressed I am by not only your adventures, but this blog/website. You obviously put a lot of time and thought into it and I really enjoy it! Thanks!

  4. Mike,
    Your website is very nicely done. I think it is really fine hook you have with a potential Prize give away. Tork Lift products are all excellent….I’m an advocate for many of their products. Now that I have 280 watts of Solar our Eagle Cap 950 I sure could use more than the two Lifeline 220 amp AGM’s that I currently have….

    • Thanks, Gary. I appreciate your kind comments. This website is a labor of love and will only get better. Bigger and better things are in store. Oh, and you are enrolled in the drawing. Good luck!

  5. Hi Mike, please enter me in the contest as I didn’t know anything like this was available for truck campers. I could really use something like this to extend my stay while boondocking as I have no auxiliary battery other than the truck camper battery.

  6. Not sure if Registration worked — it did not send a confirming email. But I am very interested in this product — you can tell the sponsor that whether I win or lose the drawing, I will definitely investigate it. Thanks!

  7. We could really use this as we currently have NO auxiliary battery, run strictly of our Chevy Duramax’s two batteries which requires very frequent running the truck to keep p them charged. Winning this would be GREAT as we just can’t afford any more camper related expenses on SS. FINGERS CROSSED!

  8. Howdy Mike, Hey thanks for the chance to win something so cool for truck camping that I didn’t know existed. What a great idea, please enter me in the contest!! And what a fabulous idea for your website.
    Dave Rogers

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