Adventurer Launches Scout Olympic Truck Camper

Washington-based Adventurer Manufacturing Ltd., quality maker of the Adventurer and Eagle Cap truck camper brands, just launched a smaller and lighter brand of truck camper called the Scout and its first model, the Scout Olympic 6.5. According to the press release, this new an innovative truck camper is comprised of components that are completely detachable that can be used independently from the unit, redefining the possibilities and pushing the envelope of what a truck camper can be.

“Forward-thinking features have been carefully designed and selected to reflect Scout’s pioneering spirit,” said David Epps, CEO of Adventurer Manufacturing. “The unit’s components can be enjoyed ‘inside out,’ meaning the dining table, water storage, battery, and more optional features can be enjoyed outdoors and even taken on other expeditions without the camper itself. The exterior storage tray also doubles as a functional table-top letting users cook and spend more time outside.”

A highlight of Scout is its industry-first add-ons. These include a pop-up tent that increases the sleeping capacity by two that can be accessed from inside the camper, a Real Flame 4.5 btu propane fireplace, which provides ample warmth for winter use and travel, and removable camper jacks, which lower the travel weight and grant more maneuverability off-road.

With a dry weight of only 1,133 pounds, the Scout Olympic 6.5 has been designed to fit on half-ton pickup trucks, like the ever-popular Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, Chevy Silverado 1500, and Ram 1500. Particularly noteworthy, is that the Scout Olympic can sleep up to six people, an unheard of number for a truck camper let alone a camper built for half-ton trucks. The starting price for the base model is only $19,980.

One of Scout’s main virtues is its simplicity inspired by nature. The unit requires very little energy to run and incorporates elements that make sustainable, off-grid travel possible. These elements include a gravity-fed water system, detachable water storage with filtration, a 160 watt monocrystalline solar panel, a lithium battery power station with a built-in inverter, and the aforementioned optional propane fireplace. Scout emphasizes the use of natural resources, letting users travel self-sufficiently without limits.

The Scout is a highly-customizable camper catered to adventurous families, freedom seekers, minimalist travelers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Millennials will find this brand particularly appealing. The brand was born as an alternative solution to the rigid and inflexible nature of traditional RVs like travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. Unlike other types of RVs, these lightweight truck campers were built with simplicity and flexibility in mind along with portability, leading to a rig that can go where very few RVs can travel.

Adventurer Manufacturing has ensured its high-quality standards have been passed down to Scout, which includes the company’s three-year structural warranty. Scouts are built of a lightweight, no-wood, no-rot composite construction. They are built to endure the most extreme elements and last for generations.

Later this year, Scout will be launching two more models to accommodate other trucks—the Kenai and the Yoho. The Kenai will be the biggest of the fleet, and will offer a full-size bathroom, wardrobe, and more exterior storage. The Yoho will be the smallest and lightest, made especially for mid-size trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger. Both will honor the simplistic, versatile nature that Scout as a brand represents.

For more information about the Scout Olympic 6.5, please visit For more information on Adventurer Manufacturing other brands of truck campers, including the Adventurer, Eagle Cap, and Overlander, please visit the company’s website at

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  1. My previous comment was inaccurate. According to the brochure “It can sleep up to 6 individuals, support off-grid travels, requires little energy to operate, and fits mid-sized import and domestic trucks”. The truck in the article and brochure is a Tundra.

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