12 Best Pickup Truck Campers for Sale in 2023

Who makes the best slide-in truck camper? Which campers are the top models? These are great questions, which deserve a truthful response. Unfortunately, providing a short and simple answer is difficult. The answer really depends upon the person shopping for the camper and the person’s requirements. This is because a massive truck camper with multiple slide-outs isn’t always wanted by shoppers. Some are perfectly happy with a simpler, lighter camper like a pop-up. Fortunately, for today’s consumer, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to truck bed campers. With dozens and dozens of makes and models to choose from, however, the task of finding the right truck camper can be a little daunting at first. Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of this work up front with a variety of campers of all sizes, weights, and lengths. In it, we offer several old-time favorites plus several new models which are sure to be big sellers. Remember, you saw this comprehensive, well-researched list here first, well before Internet copycats with nearly identical lists publish theirs. So without further adieu, Truck Camper Adventure is proud to present the 12 best pickup truck campers for sale in 2023.

1. Host Mammoth 11.6

The largest, most luxurious camper on this list, the Host Mammoth 11.6 is also Host Industries’ best-selling camper. The Mammoth name fits because this camper is big, really big. Part of what makes the Mammoth so big is that it features three slide-outs. Yep, you heard us right—three. The camper’s 11-foot 6-inch floorplan includes a large dinette, a massive dry bath, a fireplace, a comfortable loveseat, and a queen size bed with an option for a king. The Mammoth 11.6, like all Host Campers, is loaded with “host” of standard features, including a two-way 8-cubic foot refrigerator, a 6-gallon DSI water heater, a 25,000 BTU propane fired furnace, a 1,000 watt inverter, and a three-burner propane cook top with a folding cook top cover. Not only that, the holding tanks in this aluminum-framed camper are probably the largest found in a slide-in truck camper, with 65 gallons of fresh, 51 gallons of grey, and 31 gallons black. Other features include beautiful “grani-coat” solid surface counter tops, a dual battery compartment, an exterior 6-foot sliding storage tray, a 25,000 BTU furnace, two 30-pound propane tanks, a 6-gallon water heater, a 1,000 watt inverter with a dedicated AC outlet, and optional Expion360 lithium battery upgrades that will power an air conditioner. At a whopping 4,700 pounds dry, you’ll need a minimum of a 3500/F-350 dual rear wheel truck with a 5,500 pound payload to safely haul this elephant-size beast. Indeed, some Host Mammoth owners have resorted to getting a 4500/F-450 or 5500/F-550 truck with an even larger payload to haul this hotel-on-wheels around. The base model lists for $65,000. Available at top dealerships nationwide.

2. Hallmark Ute 8.5

Based out of Lupton, Colorado, Hallmark RV offers a complete line of high-quality, pop-up truck campers. The Ute is one of Hallmark’s best-selling models. Constructed of a composite fiberglass with a balsa wood core and a one-piece molded fiberglass composite roof, the Hallmark Ute is built to last. The camper’s 8-foot 5-inch floorplan features a 60×80-inch east-west queen-size bed with underbed storage, a large kitchen on the driver’s side, and a 55-inch U-shape dinette, and a wet-bath with a shower, toilet, and sink on the passenger side. Standard features include a Progressive Dynamics 45 amp “Mighty Mini” Power Center, molded one-piece counter tops, overhead cabinets with beautiful Tambour doors, big-view double windows, a 4-gallon DSI water heater, a dual battery compartment, a Lagun swing-away table, and a choice between either amber bamboo or maple cabinetry. The tanks sizes for the XL model are pretty decent too with 30 gallons fresh, 12 gallons grey, and 14 gallons black. Hallmark’s best options include a 200 watt solar power system, a north-south cabover, a Thetford Cassette Toilet, a side awning, inverters with transfer relays, a low-profile air conditioner, custom flooring, and several choices in cabinet finishes including a few exotic ones. Weighs only 1,643 pounds dry, making it ideal for those who are looking for a more adventurous, off-road experience. Fits on both long-bed (XL) and short-bed (XS) full-size trucks and comes with a five-year structural warranty. One of the best, an overlanding favorite, the base price for the Hallmark Ute is $58,995.

3. Lance 650

Now Lance’s best-selling truck camper, it’s also the company’s smallest and lightest model. When it comes to luxury and comfort for today’s half-ton pickup, nothing compares with the Lance 650. Indeed, the F-150 and Lance 650 combination is so luxurious and easy to drive, it remains one of Cruise America’s most popular rental RVs. The Lance 650 is one of our favorites as well. Not only does it provide a north-south queen bed and a full size wet bath with a sink, but it also features a large kitchen and a dinette long enough to sleep an adult. With standard equipment, the Lance 650 weighs just 1,700 pounds dry and 1,903 pounds wet. It has a floor length of 6 feet 10 inches long and offers a spacious 6 feet 9 inches of interior height. We’re big fans of Lance’s one-piece TPO nose cap, which gives the camper a sleek and aerodynamic look, the on-demand tankless water heater, the Battle Born lithium battery upgrade, and Lance’s new Easy Charge exterior charging center for quick battery charging. Versatile enough to fit on both 6.5-foot and 5.5-foot pickup trucks and a great little camper, the Lance 650 offers everything you could possibly want except for the excessive weight. Still, many F-150s will need to have the suspension upgraded and have higher rated wheels and tires installed to haul this luxury hotel around—unless, of course, the truck is already equipped with the heavy-duty payload package. We also recommend getting the 5.0L V8 for extra climbing power/torque. Easily one of the 12 best truck campers for sale in 2022. The base MSRP for the Lance 650 is $37,549. Available at top dealerships nationwide.

4. Kingstar Camino 88 (Adventure Series)

A real standout, the exterior lines and innovative interior of the Kingstar Camino 88 make it obvious that this innovative, four season camper isn’t just another cookie-cutter camper. Some of these innovations include underfloor storage, a wall-mounted air conditioner, a stainless steel roof, R12 spray foam insulation, and a spacious wet-bath. Kingstar offers five distinct interior layouts, all of which include either an east-west or a north-south cabover bed. Camino 88 floorplans offer a generous floor length of 9 feet 2 inches, a center of gravity between 34-36 inches, and can be hauled on either a long-bed truck. The dry weight of the Camino 88 is only 3,330 pounds for a standard Camino 88 build. Standard features for this well-equipped camper include a 32 gallon fresh water holding tank, a porta pottie, a 6-gallon water heater, two 20-pound propane tanks, three AGM batteries, a Suburban furnace, a Vitrifrigo 3.2 cubic foot DC compressor refrigerator, and pullout tables. The best options include two 15-gallon side saddle (three season) fresh water holding tanks, a 20 gallon grey water holding tank, a 600 watt solar power system, Battle Born lithium batteries, a 2,000 watt inverter with transfer relay, and an Airhead composting toilet. Starting at $39,960 for the Open Range model, the Kingstar Camino 88 is sold factory direct from Houghton, Michigan with about a four-month lead time.

5. Northern Lite 8-11EX WET

Based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Northern Lite suffered a devastating fire in 2014, but has come back better than ever by building one of the best, most luxurious truck campers in the entire industry. One reason for this high quality is Northern Lite’s fiberglass, “clam-shell” exterior. The molded fiberglass design produces not only a superior, aerodynamic structure, but also one that is stronger and doesn’t leak like typical campers. The camper’s 9-foot floorplan features a north-south queen-size bed, a roomy wet-bath, a face-to-face dinette, loads of storage, and a large kitchenette. Standards include all-wood cabinets with beautiful sapele veneer paneling; a mirrored, three-way 6.3-cubic foot refrigerator; a 6-gallon DSI water heater; a dual battery compartment, Seitz windows, and a three-burner propane cooktop. The 2,650 pound camper also features an 18,000 btu furnace, two 20-pound propane tanks, a 9,200 btu air conditioner, a 95-watt solar power system, a 45-amp Progressive Dynamics converter/charger with three-stage Charge Wizard, LED lighting, and side and rear awnings. The tank sizes in the Northern Lite 8-11EX are excellent, too, with 33 gallons fresh, 24 gallons grey, and 13 gallons black. Can also be ordered with a dry-bath. One of the 12 best pickup truck campers for sale in 2022. Comes with an impressive 6-year warranty. At $62,630, the MSRP is a bit on the steep side for a non slide-out camper, but the extra cost is worth it. Available from top dealerships nationwide.

6. Outfitter Juno 8.5 Hybrid

Looking for a truck camper that breaks the mold with extra room for sleeping? The Outfitter Juno 8.5 hybrid pop-up is one such camper. It’s not everyday that you see a standard slide-in pop-up with a side-door, a tip-out tent, a north-south bed, and a large wet-bath, yet that’s exactly what you get with the Outfitter Juno 8.5, a pop-up made for full-size, short-bed trucks. Still not convinced? How does a 44 gallon fresh water holding tank, a 16 gallon grey water holding tank, and a 16 gallon black water holding tank sound? Or how about a porcelain toilet, molded countertops, insulated Weblon softwalls, along with a 3 cubic foot DC compressor refrigerator, a three-burner cooktop, a 20,000 BTU furnace, and a robust solar power system? Standard features of the Outfitter Juno 8.5 include an electric roof lift with a manual override, a 20-pound propane tank, a Progressive Dynamics 45 amp converter/charger, under bed storage, overhead storage cabinets, and attractive maple cabinets. Popular options include an 80-inch Hide-A-Bed extended cabover bunk, a microwave oven with a 2,000 watt inverter, An 8-foot or 10-foot side awning, lithium batteries, and a Yakima Roof Rack. Constructed of a true composite foam core roof and body, the Juno 8.5 is rugged and built to last. Weighs only 2,380-pounds dry. Sleeps up to five with the optional “Hide-A-Bed” pull-out bunk. Made specifically for short-bed, three-quarter-ton and one-ton trucks with the requisite payload rating. A long-bed version is also available called the Juno 10. Comes with a 5-year warranty, the base price of the Outfitter Juno 8.5 is $46,995.

7. NuCamp Cirrus 820

Ohio-based NuCamp took the truck camper industry by storm in 2015 by introducing what immediately became one of the best looking, most innovative truck campers in the marketplace—the Cirrus 820. Noteworthy innovations found in this cutting-edge camper include the Alde hydronic heating system, a whisper-quiet water heater furnace combination unit that saves on both weight and space, the Froli modular sleep system, heated floors, and a space-saving folding bathroom sink. But this 2,540-pound camper provides more than just good looks and innovation, it also features a terrific 8-foot 6-inch floorplan with a large wet-bath, a spacious cabover with a north-south queen-size bed, a face-to-face dinette, a massive wardrobe, a large kitchenette with a three-way, 5-cubic foot refrigerator, and copious amounts of storage. Framed entirely of aluminum, highlights include a custom diamond-plated rear bumper with hose storage, a dual battery compartment, two 20-pound propane tanks, an 8-foot side awning, dual thermopane windows, a 38-gallon fresh water tank, a massive 32-gallon grey water holding tank, and an 18-gallon black water holding tank. Best used on a Ford F350, Ram 3500, and Chevy GM 3500HD trucks. Customers have numerous color options when ordering a NuCamp Cirrus camper, including a silver or white exterior with 10 different color accents to match the color of your truck. The MSRP of the Cirrus 820 is $47,335. Available at top dealerships nationwide.

8. Scout Olympic 6.5

A revolutionary truck camper design by Washington-based Adventurer Manufacturing, the Scout Olympic 6.5 incorporates a number of portables to save on weight. These portables include a removable Dometic CFX3 75L refrigerator-freezer with WiFi, a 4.9-gallon removable water tank, a removable dining table, a Yeti Goal Zero 1500x lithium battery pack, and a removable propane cooktop. Standard features include a 175 watt flexible solar panel, a moon roof with a screen and solar reflective shade, a four-person dinette with sleeper conversion, and dual 5-pound propane bottles. The best options include a Thetford Cassette Toilet, a Newport Real Flame 4,500 BTU propane fireplace, and a Rhino Rack Batwing Awning. Particularly noteworthy, is that the Scout Olympic can sleep up to six people when you include the optional roof-top tent, an unheard of number for a truck camper let alone a camper of this size. With a dry weight of only 1,081 pounds and an floor length of 6 feet 2 inches, the Scout Olympic works well with any short-bed, half-ton truck. Interested in a long-bed model? The company has that angle covered too with the Scout Kenai, which features a floor length of 7 feet 7 inches and a dry weight of 1,265 pounds. The starting price for the Scout Olympic base model is an affordable $23,990.

9. Four Wheel Camper Flatbed Hawk

Based out of Woodland, California, Four Wheel Campers builds one of the best, most durable pop-up campers in the industry. With its narrow girth and distinct rear kick back, the Flatbed Hawk is completely at home in the extreme, off-road environment. The camper is only 59 inches high with the pop-up down, weighs a paltry 1,325 pounds dry, and only 2,100 pounds fully loaded. Not only that, the one-piece, lightweight aluminum roof is water proof and will handle decades of use. Flatbed Hawk highlights include an east-west 72×78-inch bed, a small kitchenette, an Isotherm 1.7 cubic foot three-way refrigerator, and a large dinette in the rear. Popular options include a Wrappon Green 12 volt portable toilet, a dual battery box with Battle Born lithium batteries, an indoor shower, an Isotherm 65, 85, or 130 liter DC compressor refrigerator, 14 interior fabric choices, and an excellent 320 watt solar power option to extend your time off-grid. The only real negative with the Flatbed Hawk is the small size of the fresh water holding tank—it’s only 20 gallons—but this capacity can easily be expanded by installing another fresh water tank in the tray. Easily one of the 12 best pickup truck campers for sale in 2022. Built for full-size trucks equipped with a short, 6.5-foot tray. Pricing for the Flatbed Hawk starts at a very affordable $30,495. Available in numerous exterior colors in smooth or ribbed aluminum. This rock-crawling, low-profile beast may not be the largest truck camper in this list, but it can take you almost anywhere, and with its welded aluminum frame and aluminum exterior, will last for decades.

10. Adventurer 901SB

Adventurer Manufacturing released the Adventurer 901SB as a 50th Anniversary Special Edition in 2018 and was received so well that the company decided to keep the camper in its extensive catalog. With its all-new 9-foot 1-inch floorplan, the Adventurer 901SB features a number of firsts for ALP, including frameless windows; a one-piece, oversize wetbath; Northern European-style cabinetry, an undermount stainless steel sink; an adult-size power bunk rated for 800 pounds; and a power tower in the kitchen featuring three 110 volt and two USB power outlets. Additional features for this 3,280-pound camper include Adventurer Manufacturing’s exclusive bumper with a non-slip powder coat, a leather dinette, a Master Command LCD touch screen control panel, a channeled LED ceiling light, a Furrion stainless steel range, a massive, two-way Dometic 7-cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator, and a 100 watt solar power system. Like all Adventurer campers, the 901SB’s construction features what the company calls a “Tru-Composite Contruction” using a hybrid wood-aluminum frame, then backs up that construction with a better-than-average three-year structural warranty. The camper also features a big basement with larger than average holding tanks of 42 gallons fresh, 28 gallons grey, and 28 gallons black, a dual battery compartment, and two 20-pound LP propane tanks. Can be ordered in either grey or white and fits on both short-bed and long-bed trucks. The MSRP for the Adventurer 901SB is competitively priced at $41,986.

11. Lance 960

Lance Camper’s first new design in nearly six years, the Lance 960 was heavily influenced by truck camper owner feedback from across the country. It includes the latest advancements in seating with comfortable recliner seats and the latest tech, including the Truma Combi Eco Plus water heater-furnace, something we’ve been pushing with Lance for years. The ultra-quiet Truma Combi not only saves on weight but also space, resulting in more storage. Designed for single rear wheel (SRW) long-bed trucks, the Lance 960 weighs only 2,970 pounds dry, putting the camper at an acceptable 4,000 pounds fully loaded. The Lance 960’s 9-foot 11-inch floorplan features a gorgeous interior with medium gray wood-stained cabinets, a large wet bath with a bathroom sink, a small kitchen with a three-way 5-cubic foot refrigerator, and a north-south queen-size bed. Standards include Lance’s excellent one-piece TPO nose cap, which gives it a sleek and aerodynamic look, the Plastoform thermoplastic windows (first introduced in the excellent Lance 650), and the modern, radiused overhead cabinets in the interior. Popular options include a 100 watt solar power system, side and rear awnings, Battle Born lithium batteries, keyless entry with key FOB, and Lance’s excellent roof rack system. Tank capacities are excellent for this long-bed camper with 45 gallons fresh, 30 gallons grey, and 28 gallons black. The MSRP for the Lance 960 is a very affordable $44,460 for the base model and about $49,000 fully optioned-out. Available at top dealerships nationwide.

12. Bundutec Wild

A superb design by long-time truck camper designer and builder, Rory Willet, the Bundutec Wild was built with today’s half-ton truck in mind. Like all Bundutec pop-up campers, the Wild’s construction consists of a rugged wood frame, a one-piece fiberglass and aluminum frame roof, and attractive .040-inch smooth gray aluminum siding. But what really sets this half-ton camper apart from the rest, however, is that it offers not only a complete wet-bath, but also a grey water holding tank that makes using that wet-bath practical. The camper’s 7-foot floorplan features a kitchen and wet-bath on the driver side, a refrigerator with loads of storage on the front wall, and a full-length dinette on the passenger side. Highlights include a north-south 56×74-inch mattress with lift up under bed storage, a 21-gallon fresh water tank, a 17-gallon grey water holding tank, a NovaKool R3000 compressor refrigerator, a Thetford Cassette Toilet, a stainless steel sink, and Seitz window and door screens fine enough to keep out annoying “no-see-ums” bugs. A plethora of options are offered by BundutecUSA, including a 160 watt solar power system, the BunduAwn wrap-around awning, the Quick Pitch En-Suite Shower Enclosure, and the revolutionary Truma Combi water heater furnace that not only saves on weight and space, but is also whisper quiet when in operation. Weighs only 1,610 pounds dry. Easily one of the 12 Best Truck Campers for Sale in 2022. The list price for the BundutecUSA Wild is only $26,993, a bargain when you consider all that you get for the money.

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  1. All great campers but most are pricey, heavy beasts! Not sure if you’ve covered it but Total Composites offers true 4 seasons (no thermal transfer for no condensation), FRP camper shells for mid- to full size trucks all under 900 lbs (doors/windows/accessories excluded) and all under $18k (incl entry door, excl windows/accessories). It’s an interesting DIY concept though I don’t find many reviews. I’d likely pay to have most systems installed.

    • Hi Chris- Total Composites have some affiliate dealers who will assemble the body kit and build out the interior etc. See their website for the list.

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