10 Best Truck Camper Rigs at the 2021 Overland Expo West

Truck Camper Adventure Ranks the Best

After a 16-month hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Truck Camper Adventure is happy to report that the 2021 Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona, went off without a hitch with over 30,000 people attending. At the three-day event we saw everything from motorcycles, Land Rovers, and Jeeps to Power Wagons, Unimogs, and EarthRoamers. We also saw a large variety of truck campers from some of the top names in the industry including Alaskan, AT Overland, Bundutec, Four Wheel Campers, Hallmark, and Nimbl Vehicles. It’s a tradition here at Truck Camper Adventure to rank the best truck campers at the Overland Expo and we really missed doing it in 2020. At this show we looked at dozens of rigs and ranked the best for not only for their capabilities, but also their good looks. Making this year’s show even more special, we were able to look at several new rigs, some of which we had written about extensively, but only through computer renderings. So without further adieu, here are the 10 best truck camper rigs at the 2021 Overland Expo West.

1. AT Overland Aterra XL

Without a doubt, the star of the show was the brand-new AT Overland Aterra XL. Engineered by Tern Overland and collaboratively built by AT Overland, this full-size flatbed camper weighs only 1,250 pounds and features an innovative, lightweight fiber reinforced thermoplastic honeycomb composite construction. In spite of the camper’s exceeding low weight, the camper is still loaded and features a Truma Vario furnace and a Truma AquaGo on-demand water heater, Arctic Tern windows, doors, and roof hatches, a Dometic two-burner sink/stove combo, a MaxxAir Dome Fan, a National Luna 90L dual-zone refrigerator-freezer, and an sPOD BantamX DC Power Distribution System with Bluetooth. Additional standards include a 20-pound propane tank, a 30 gallon fresh water holding tank, an electric Wrappon waterless toilet, inside and outside showers, a 105 amp hour lithium battery, a 400 watt solar power system, and a National Luna NLDC 40 amp DC to DC charging system with an integrated MPPT solar charge controller. A brand-new release and priced to sell at $69,000, the AT Overland Aterra XL is will undoubtedly be a big hit due to the incredibly low weight and space-age good looks.

2. ‘Never Quit’ Ford F-550 Flatbed Rig

Fun is the name of the game with this over-the-top, Ford F-550 7.3L Godzilla 4×4 truck camper rig. Built by Erik Petroni at Never Quit Overland, this amazing, Line-X coated rig features a large roof top deck and some of the best suspension upgrades available in today’s market, including a LiquidSprings suspension, a Buckstop single rear wheel conversion, and Buckstop front and rear bumpers. As you’d expect, the specs of Erik’s flatbed camper are impressive with 120 gallons of gasoline with a transfer tank, 140 gallons of fresh water, 30 gallons of grey water, an 800 watt solar power system mounted on flip-up roof railings, and an enormous 1,230 amp hour lithium battery system. With a queen-size bed in the cabover and a king-size bed in the rear, the camper sleeps five comfortably, and that doesn’t include the two hammocks on the roof deck. Other features in Erik’s rig include a Leaveo Dry Flush Toilet, a hidden, under-the-floor shower, a water filtration system, a large kitchenette with a dual induction cooktop, and Dometic CVX03 95L dual zone refrigerator-freezer. The camper even features four infrared ProVision cameras and a Faraday cage protect the camper from EMP.

3. Loki Basecamp Falcon-8

Another brand-new release, the Loki Basecamp Falcon-8 was another big hit at the show. Built specifically for full-size pickup trucks, the Falcon comes in two sizes: a 6-foot model for short-bed pickup trucks, and an 8-foot model for long-bed pickup trucks. Named after the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame, the Falcon features a reinforced fiberglass hull and double density synthetic R16 composite insulation for four-season use. The floorplan features a full-length sofa with underseat storage, a mud room with a removable interior shower that can also be used outside, a convertible seat/table area, and a rear lift gate for easy loading and excellent views. Holding tanks include a 30 gallon fresh water holding tank, a 20 gallon grey water tank, and a 10 gallon diesel tank to run the Webasto EVO-40 and the Webasto TEVO 11 gallon diesel water heater. The Loki Basecamp Falcon features the latest technological advancements as well. It comes with a powerful, 600 amp hour lithium battery bank, a 360 watt solar power system, an Autoclima 12 volt air conditioner, an induction cooktop, a Redarc charging system, a 2,000 watt inverter, an Isotherm 12 volt refrigerator, and a Dometic porta-pottie. The Loki Basecamp Falcon-8 weighs about 3,000 pounds loaded, making it ideal for today’s one-ton trucks. The base price for the Falcon 8 is $135,000 with a $10,000 deposit required to reserve.

4. SuperTramp Flagship 6.5 Pop-Up

Another new release from a brand-new company, SuperTramp Flagship 6.5 drew a lot of interest at the show. Constructed of a fiberglass composite and capable of sleeping up to four people, the Flagship features a queen-size cabover bed, a full kitchenette, a dinette and a wetbath, and a removable jack system for serious off-roading. The camper features two configurations for the open front with the pop-top extended—an insulated fabric front or solid, removable Velcro panels for improved winter insulation. Standards for this space-age camper include a 200 watt solar power system, a 100 amp hour lithium battery, a 25 gallon fresh water holding tank, two 5 gallon grey water holding tanks, two 10-pound propane tanks, a DC to DC alternator charger, and an MPPT solar charge controller. It also comes with an interior and exterior shower, a heated basement, an Isotherm 65L DC compressor refrigerator, a pull-out exterior stove, a porta pottie, and a Truma Combi Eco water heater-furnace. The SuperTramp Flagship 6.5 is made for full-size trucks with 6.5-foot and 8-foot beds with floor length of 82-inches and 100 inches respectively. The camper fully kitted-out weighs only 1,400 pounds. Sold factory-direct for $50,000 for a fully optioned-out model from the company’s Golden, Colorado factory only. The SuperTramp Flagship 6.5 base model lists for $42,000.

5. Nimbl Evolution

Originally sold under the XPCamper name, this cutting-edge camper was upgraded and relaunched as the Nimbl Vehicles Evolution in 2020. With its carbon fiber reinforced monocoque clam-shell structure and hydraulic roof lift, the Evolution features an east-west 60×77-inch queen-size bed with underbed storage, a large kitchen, a wet-bath with a Thetford cassette toilet, and a large dinette. Standards include a diesel furnace and diesel water heater, an 80-gallon fresh water holding tank, a 24-gallon grey water waste tank, a Battleborn 200 amp hour LiFePO4 battery system, a dual induction cooktop, a 2,000 watt inverter/charger, a DC compressor refrigerator, a two-stage water filtration system, and a 380 watt solar power system. Options of the 2,500-pound camper include an 8,000 btu DC air conditioner, an additional 190 watt solar panel for a total of 570 watts of solar, a composting toilet, an LED UV water sterilizer system, a 2,200 watt auxiliary generator, roof storage racks, an exterior shower, and a Battle Born 400 amp hour LiFePO4 battery system. Can be mounted either on a one-ton chassis or on a brand-new Ford F-350 chassis equipped with the 7.3L V8 “Godzilla” gasoline engine. The Nimbl Vehicles Evolution lists for $269,000, which includes the custom tray and Ford chassis, or for $199,000 using your own chassis.

6. Bundutec Topi

An superb design by long-time designer Rory Willet, and relaunched at the 2021 Overland Expo West, the Bundutec Topi features a front-mounted DC compressor refrigerator for additional storage and space inside the camper. Built for mid-size trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger, the Topi weighs only 1,330 pounds and features a floor length of 73 inches, a wheel well width of 42 inches, and an overall width of 80 inches. The diminutive pop-up comes with an 11 gallon fresh water holding tank, a Maxxair 12 volt roof vent, a 1.9 cubic foot DC refrigerator, a Truma VarioHeat furnace, a Lagun swivel mount table, a 25 amp converter-charger, a two-burner stove, a stainless steel sink, a north-south 56×74-inch mattress, and a 20-pound propane tank. Our favorite options include a Truma Combi Eco, two overhead cabinets, a 12 volt lithium battery, a lithium converter-charger, a 3,000 watt inverter, a 5,000 BTU rear wall air conditioner, and either a 170 or 340 watt solar system. Anytime accessories include a porta-potti, exterior aluminum storage, an exterior privacy enclosure, and Bundutec’s excellent Batwing awning. A superb addition to the growing field of rugged, mid-size truck campers, the base price for the relaunched Bundutec Topi is only $19,963.

7. Ford F-350-Hallmark Milner Rig

Mounted on a 2021 Ford F-350 with a Highway Products flatbed tray with storage boxes, this 2021 Hallmark Milner was painted in a matching stone gray color. Like all Hallmark campers, the Milner 6.5 is constructed of a durable yet attractive molded fiberglass composite exterior topped with a low-maintenance, one-piece molded composite roof. In spite of its very stout construction, the camper still only weighs 1,212 pounds dry and handles like a dream. Standard features include a 60×80-inch east-west bed with under bed storage; a large, 30-gallon fresh water tank; beautiful one-piece molded counter tops; exclusive big view double windows; a three-way 3.8-cubic foot refrigerator; a 5-gallon propane tank; attractive overhead cabinets with Tambour doors; and a battery compartment large enough to hold two 6 volt golf cart batteries. The list of options Hallmark offers is just as impressive and includes a 12 gallon gray tank, a 5-gallon black tank, a “cubby” large enough to store a portable toilet, a north-south bed, a shower pan for indoor showers, a 4.2-cubic foot compressor refrigerator, and a Zamp 160-watt solar suitcase. Built specifically for half-ton trucks, the Milner lists for $36,995 and is sold direct from the Hallmark’s Fort Lupton, Colorado factory.

8. Overland Explorer Vehicles Camp-M

Another outstanding pop-up by our Canadian friends at Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV). Released in 2021, the Camp-M features a proprietary composite construction with robust R8 insulation, and an aluminum extrusion system to help keep the weight down. This approach increases the strength of the camper and practically eliminates thermal transfer. The 5-foot 6-inch floorplan features a king-size bed, 6 feet 10 inches of headroom, a large kitchen on the driver side and an U-shape dinette on the passenger side. There is no bathroom. Features include a 20 gallon fresh water holding tank, a 20-pound propane tank, a Victron group-27 100 amp hour battery with a battery heater, a portable DC compressor refrigerator, a Remo Removable Dinette Table, a Truma AquaGo water heater, and a Truma Vario Heat furnace. To keep that lithium battery charged, the camper comes with a Redarc Manager 30 along with a Redarc 1240D 50 amp DC to DC Charger. The Camp-M also comes with an outside shower enclosure bracket kit with universal adapters, four Reico-Titan manual lift jacks, and four Torklift Anchor Guard Derringer tie-downs. Weighs only 1,055 pounds dry. Designed specifically for mid-size trucks with either a 5-foot or 6-foot bed. The Overland Explorer Vehicles Camp-M lists for $36,363 USD for the base model.

9. TruckHouse BCT

Yet another truck camper debut at the show, the TruckHouse BCT is a mid-sized composite expedition vehicle built on a Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro chassis. The TruckHouse BCT features everything that endeared us to the EarthRoamer XV-LTS, only smaller and more capable off-road. The chassis-mounted rig features a single-piece, carbon fiber, reinforced composite shell, a luxury interior complete with a wet-bath, an upgraded suspension, including 12-inch-long travel front suspension, a fully-fabricated rear axle, drilled and slotted disc brakes at all four wheels, 33-inch or 35-inch tires depending on the package chosen, and front and rear lockers. Capable of sleeping four adults, the TruckHouse BCT comes with integrated hydronic heating, a Bosch high speed oven, a two-burner induction cooktop, a DC compressor refrigerator/freezer, a wet-bath with a Thetford cassette toilet, a power management system, luxury vinyl flooring, and an optional 12 volt air conditioner. Specifications include 30 gallons of freshwater, 20 gallons of grey water, and a 5-gallon cassette toilet. The BCT is powered by a large Battle Born lithium ion battery bank, available 500 amp hours of battery life, and comes standard with a rooftop solar array up to 600 watts. The TruckHouse BCT Sells factory direct from Sparks, Nevada for an introductory base price of $285,000.

10. EarthCruiser Terranova

Released in early 2021, the EarthCruiser Terranova offers the quality we’ve come to expect from our friends at EarthCruiser, but this time on the excellent Ford, one-ton 4×4 chassis. Built like a yacht, the Terranova’s fiberglass and marine-grade materials and rugged and durable and will hold up on the roughest 4×4 roads on the planet. The interior is spacious with a huge, horseshoe-shaped dinette (with integrated storage) that comfortably seats four adults and one child, a large cabover for sleeping, and a large kitchen with a premium one-piece countertop with stainless steel sink, induction cooktop, and an Isotherm 4.24 cubic foot stainless steel DC compressor refrigerator and freezer. The four-season rig also comes with a water purification system and a wet-bath featuring a stainless steel sink, a full height shower with retractable shower curtain, a showerhead-sink faucet combo, and a Thetford 5-gallon cassette toilet. Off-grid power is provided by an impressive 400 amp hour lithium battery system with solar power systems of various sizes. Sold factory direct from EarthCruiser’s Bend, Oregon factory. Pricing for the EarthCruiser Terranova Expedition Vehicle starts at $289,000 with financing available.

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  1. So interesting to watch this market develop during the last 5 years. Exponential improvements in material and design. I see some dazzling camper designs during my treks. This market segment has been and will continue to grow.

  2. All amazing builds but I am struck by how much the vast majority of the rigs cost. For many of them, the market has to be pretty small. I appreciate the ability to see them though.

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